what has changed

Today when I had to use the restroom,  I had this thought:
Obviously life changes in BIG ways when you have children, but it also changes in a million little ways that you eventually forget were ever not normal for you and they become second nature. 
Yes, I think in run-on-ish sentences. Don't we all?

So here are a few of those millions of little ways my life has changed since March 23, 2012:

- I rarely set an alarm because MOST days my kids will wake me up well-before I need to be anywhere. 
- A "productive day" happens when I get both kids asleep at the same time for naps and bedtime. Bonus if they have both gotten a bath at some point during the day. Triple bonus if I had a chance to vacuum and/or do a load of laundry. 
- I don't shut the bathroom door. Ever. It's always open. And when I'm at someone else's house, I almost forget to close the door every.single.time. 
- Multi-tasking while driving has become even more necessary [and dangerous]. 
- I sing WAY more. 
- I make WAY more animal sounds and hand gestures. Okay. Maybe not the hand gestures. I did that before kids too. 
- Getting myself "ready" for the day, even if I have to get "dressed up" for something, is way less important and I have to stop what I'm doing about ten times. It's amazing I haven't ever left the house with only one set of eyelashes properly masacara-ed [yet]. 
- I worry more about having fruits and vegetables around. 
- I wear functional shoes. 
- I wipe up WAY more bodily fluids. 
- I sometimes go days before I remember I haven't even gotten the mail. 
- Did I mention I never shut the bathroom door? 
- When I'm away from my own children and I hear a baby cry, I automatically think it is my child, and then remember they aren't with me. 
- I light more candles because, you know, the bodily fluids. 
- I write less but document more. 
- I get many, many, many more hugs and smiles and sloppy kisses.
- I color and create more. 
- I laugh more. 
- I cry more. 
- I hurt and fear in ways I never knew possible. 
- I dream in ways I never knew possible. 
- I am so excited to sleep. [Okay, probably hasn't changed much]
- I never knew I could get so happy to see a baby poop [both my kiddos have been constipated as babies]
-I often don't turn the radio on in the car when I'm by myself.
- I eat a lot more animal crackers. 
- I find trips to the grocery store or visits to the doctor by myself cathartic. 

But mostly my life has changed because
I feel like my heart is beating in two different little bodies. 

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Larissa said...

I have the same issue with leaving the bathroom door open and then forgetting when other people are in the house. Whoops! If I try to close the door, Zoe immediately knows it and comes to find me. Ha!