I know I haven't blogged a lot recently, but here are some things that have been keeping me a little busy lately:

Obviously these lovely ladies. 

Blythe is almost 2 and half. I love this age. It is exhausting and frustrating and trying but I LOVE this age. I want her to stay 2 and a half forever. 

Becks is growing and changing everyday it seems. Look for her 4 month update next week! 4 MONTHS?!

 I had a friend ask me to paint a picture for her new office. She moves around a lot and has worked in FOURTEEN different locations. She gave me all the locations, said she was thinking something with a map, gave me a quote and some colors and let me run with it! It was fairly time consuming but it was fun to have a project:

Obviously softball is underway again. I guess this officially means our state run is over.

I am also popping in to sub for my little homeschooling family from time to time.

And I have had the pleasure of getting to take more pictures for some beautiful seniors. I actually took Hannah's late last spring. I was lucky enough to get to teach her and coach her for a couple years. She is wonderful-- truly, truly wonderful. And, may I just add: we took these the day after prom. She got approximately 3 hours of sleep and didn't even wash her hair. And girls everywhere are jealous, for reals:

And then there was Avree. Oh my sweet Avree. I babysat this beauty when she was just a tiny thing, and my heart has forever been attached. I'm not going to lie, when she asked if I would take her senior pictures I wanted to say, "NO BECAUSE YOU CAN NEVER GROW UP!" But I figured that was futile so I gave in. And those killer green eyes? Are you kidding me? They were not retouched AT ALL. And again, girls everywhere are jealous.

AND THEN, because I cannot get any luckier, Avree's friend Melissa asked me to do her pictures. I'm glad I said yes because this long-legged model showed up!  This was the first photo shoot I've done where I haven't known my subject before hand, and she could not have been sweeter or more laid-back. And do I even need to say it? Those long legs? Girls everywhere are jealous:

**she was a trooper. It was about 4 million degrees and the bugs were nasty, but when I said, "Hey, lie in this incredibly itchy grass," she did it!

 I also took some pictures of two incredibly cute little boys, one of which just turned TWO. But I those pictures are on my other computer so they will have to wait.

And that, my dear friends, is what I have been up to these days.

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Courtney B said...

Your girls are prrrrrecious!!

*carrie* said...

Your map painting turned out so cool!

Great job on the senior pix.

I forgot you were helping a homeschool family.