one month of Becks

My hope is to do short/sweet monthly updates of Becks because, let's face it, I was a second child and I understand the the feelings when there are 32 photo albums for your older sister and two for you, one of which is partially filled. That's the hope. But I'm also no longer just a second child dreaming big dreams of journaling and album-ing for her second child-- I am also a mother of two now and by-golly, I think I understand the empty photo slots now!

That being said, I'm hoping to snap a quick shot or two of me holding Becks each month… naked, because who doesn't love naked babies?

And if it's a good month, I'll jot down a few "stats" for posterity [and those three family members who read this and want to know].

And if it's a REALLY good month I'll throw in a few extra pictures from the month for good measure.

And if it's a SPECTACULAR month I'll order those pictures and put them in an album for Becks' children to giggle over someday.

So here goes…month one:

helping Becks talk on the "phone" which is actually a remote

I was bathing Becks on the counter while Brent was bathing Blythe in the tub.

Weight: 8 lbs 4 oz when we unofficially weighed her on the scale [the ole I hold her, I lay her down, I do some math trick].

Clothes & Diapers: She wore a few premie items until about 2.5 weeks, and is now in all newborn stuff. Carter's brand newborn stuff, I should say, because it is the smallest there is [other brands of newborn are still plenty big on her]. And newborn diapers. They finally fit though! 

Left: newborn diapers: tape had to be overlapped to fit her. 

Eating: All the time, let's be honest. She's a great nurser though, which is HUGE for me. If in no other way in all of this I have seen God at work, it is in this area. I know I specifically had several people praying that this would go better this time. We've still had issues, but SO much better. She eats in around 20 minutes. She's hard to burp. She takes a bottle great when we need to go that route. And eats every 2.5-3.5 hours. About 7/8 times a day. 

This serious face of hers cracks me up
Also, this is a doll stroller.
Sleeping: At night she is already a CHAMP [for the most part], which is AWESOME! The last week she has been eating at 6:30/7 p.m., going down for night, and I usually WAKE her around 1/2, she eats, goes back to sleep, and then wakes up between 6/7. So that's pretty incredible. Sprinkle in a few rough nights, obviously. However, we are working on napping better. Sheesh. Her eyes are like spring loaded or something and will not shut, and once she goes down for a nap she wakes up 45/50 minutes in and has to be resettle to nap any longer. She's getting better though…she'll have it figured out about the time we're ready to switch the whole she-bang around, right? ;) [I'd take the night time sleeping over the day though…I think?] She hates when I initially swaddle her [very tightly], and fights it for a minute, but then gives it up and realizes it's pretty great. 

New accomplishments/ Things to note: 
\In the past week she started smiling at us…a little. She is a fairly serious kid so far and we really have to work at it, but when she does it reminds me of the little personality that is developing every moment.
\ So far she's been constipated like Blythe…is that an accomplishment? 
\ We've been surprised by her strength/alertness from day one. Maybe it's because she is so little, but she really is a mover and shaker! Watch out! 
\Her eyes are still blue. I'll be shocked if they stay blue, but I'd also be totally okay with that!
\Blythe gets right.in.her.face all the time! Any time I walk in the room holding her, or she notices her, she HAS to kiss her. Becks does not love the love as much as Blythe loves giving it. 

First day of church

Becks' dress is a doll dress-- You can buy dresses Blythe's size that come with a matching doll outfit, but I thought this was more fun! 
He is such a good daddy for little girls

First bath…with a little TOO much help from big sister
Blythe wanted swaddled like Becks always is

My first time alone with both girls at the house

with Papa [how many hands does it take to hold a baby?]

They have the same hairstyle

Happy one month, Becks Lynae! Thank you for coming into our lives and stealing our hearts one day at a time.

Blythe's One Month post for comparison.
 I still see a lot of resemblance, but less and less as days go by. 

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