three months of Becks

Month ONE
Month TWO

We didn't get great shots this month, but they will have to suffice. I think you can definitely see the growth! 

Weight: Brent weighed her in the produce aisle the other day [umm, yeah], and she was just over 12 pounds. She weighed more than our apples, anyway. 

Clothes and Diapers: I packed away her precious, tiny newborn stuff because CHEEKS. She is in 0-3 month, and some 3 month stuff [with plenty of room]. I have so much adorable 3 month stuff for her and not a ton of 0-3, so I am starting her early on them :) She is still in size 1 diapers. 

Eating: Still can't complain here. She is eating 5-6 times a day, usually 3-3.5 hours apart or so. There have been a few days where I haven't done the late night "dream feed" at 10:30 and she has done pretty well, just wakes up about an hour or two earlier than if I do it. I think we will officially drop to five feedings soon which is FANtastic. Every time we drop a feeding a do a mini celebration. I have no clue how much she is eating..umm… 4 oz? Ish? 

Sleeping: We are still swaddling her to sleep, because of those spastic arms and legs. She is sleeping for 10-11 hours at night now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, those exclamation points are completely necessary. She usually wakes up at 5/6 and talks a bit, or we just put her in her bouncy seat and she goes back to sleep until 8 or so. Sometimes I feed her at 6:30 and then she goes right back down until about 9:30. The Lord heard my prayers when I prayed for good sleepers. She takes 3-4 naps a day depending on when she wakes up. Her afternoon nap is awesome. Her other naps are give or take. 

Her first fourth of July! 
Always full of smiles when she wakes up in the morning

Her first time at one of Daddy's running events. I'm sure she will attend many more. 

She had a cold this month. It was pretty sad. 
Girlfriend knows how to work an outfit

Her first boat ride

  New accomplishments/ Things to note: 
\ we have laughter, folks! 
\ much more willing to talk and smile
\ her relationship with her pacifier is interesting: she pretty much acts like we are poisoning her when we try to give it to her, but doesn't really fall asleep without it. It's a love-hate deal, I guess. 
\ her hair is starting to fall out/thin out. Blythe's did around this time too, and she lost it all. I'm hoping Becks can hold on to a little bit though. 
\ she had her first vacation-- to Lake Okoboji! She will not be as good of a traveler in the car as Blythe, it is already safe to say, but she did well while we were there [minus waking up early]. 
\ doesn't act like she'll roll over any time soon. 
\ she LOVES her playmat. She is very content while "playing" on it. 
\ her eyes appear bluer and bluer every day. 
\ she is more accustomed to Blythe's inability to stay out of her face. She doesn't holler nearly as much about it, and quite often she will even give her some smiles. Which is amazing since Blythe is always nearly sitting on top of her or actually sitting on top of her. 
\ funny story: Brent is in the middle of getting prepared for a pretty intense "review" at the bank. He is in the business of making sure they follow federal regulations, and it's pretty tedious. The other night, when we were on vacation and Becks had an unusual night-waking, I nudged him and asked if he would go see what she needed. He sat straight up and said, "What? Her swaddle doesn't meet code?" 

A friend took some pictures for us recently-- I'll share more and tell you more about that soon, but that is where these wonderful photos come from. She did great!

Becks also got to meet a LOT of family at a family reunion on my mom's side last weekend. She was wonderful.

Oh my Becks Lynae-- every month gets sweeter and sweeter with you. As your cheeks get rounder our hearts get fuller. We love you, baby girl.

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julie said...

I literally just laughed out loud at my internship: "her swaddle doesn't meet code?" hahaha, I love it

Hannah said...

I'm pretty sure Landon weighed Emerson in the produce section at Kroger on a few occasions. So, yeah. There's that.

Also - sleeping 10-11 hours at night?!?!?!?!?!?!? Holy Cow!!!!! That is amazing!!!!! Oh, wow. What a blessing!! Hopefully our next baby will start doing that as early as Becks is! That is awesome!! Clearly I'm in awe of you and your daughter.

You all are such a cute little family!! :)

Barb said...

Awwww, I made the blog. :) Love that girl and had so much fun watching videos with Blythe. Wish we were closer...