two months of Becks

Month One

Month two has come and gone, folks. Month TWO!

And Becks Lynae is just settling into life wonderfully with us, and we are falling for her more each day as we get to know her little personality.

Weight: 10 lbs.

Clothes and Diapers: Mainly newborn items still, though some 0-3 month stuff is starting to work too.  Kali was here and she saw what Becks was wearing and commented, "Oh, Ellie wore that in the hospital." Ha. Yes, she is two months and wearing what her cousin wore on day two of her life. So be it. :) She is in size one diapers now!

Eating: She still eats quickly which I am thankful for every.single.day. The more I nurse Becks, the more I realize I should not have nursed Blythe. It was not normal and we should have stopped. Now I know. Anyway-- Becks eats 6 times a day now, about every 3-3.5 hours. She eats in about 15 minutes.

Sleeping: She did it. She figured it out. She is awesome. I could tell she would figure it out sooner than Blythe did but I am impressed and so thankful. Right around 7 weeks I could tell she was waking up in the night out of habit, so I sent Brent in one or two nights to resettle her and see if she'd go back to sleep [since she didn't smell a snack on him ;)], and she proved she could. After those two nights, she did it! After 7/8 she is down for the night, then I feed her at about 8:30 or so, then again at 10/11 but she goes right back down both times. Then she sleeps and sleeps … If she wakes up around 6 I will feed her and she goes back down until about 9, but sometimes she wakes up around 7:30 and is then up for the day. And napping? So much better. She naps about 1.5-2 hours three times a day. Once she started sleeping through the night, she also stopped waking up mid nap. Glorious. I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, my dear child. [I won't mention that my two year old has been defying her naps though… I'm about to lose it with her though!!!]

New accomplishments/Things to note:

\she is smiling and cooing more and more. Especially with Brent.

\ she now poops almost every morning when I am feeding her! Yay! I'm so happy. [and that is NOT sarcasm. I generally am happy every time she poops on her own. ]
\she is still strong. I barely worry about holding her head any more because she just looks around and around. She can already have a few minutes in the bumbo and support herself. This is craziness. 

\ She can be super content one second and then she just lets us know she is DONE with whatever she is doing. She doesn't work up to it. It's just OVER. Girlfriend knows what she wants. 
\ She screamed for her bath for about a week-- frantic screaming like, "What the heck are you doing to me? Is this safe?" kind of scream. She seems to be enjoying it more now. 
\Her hair? I have no idea what's going on up there. As badly as I don't want her to be as bald and hairless as Blythe was/is, it may bode well for her to just lose it and get another crack at growing it back a little better ;). 

\She's had really bad acne the last few weeks. I know it doesn't bother her as much as it bothers me, but I'm hoping it runs its course soon. 

I am really enjoying you, Becks. Thank you for eating and sleeping and pooping. I can tell you have a strong little personality in there, but I also think you're gonna be pretty fantastic because of it. Happy two months of life. I'm so happy you're making this family more than we were before.

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Hannah said...

Eating in 15 minutes?! Holy cow, that's amazing!!! I'm sure it would make nursing so much easier/better. I'm so glad it is going better for you this time! What an answer to prayer, huh?

And sleeping through the night? Already? That is incredible. I am amazed and I'm sure you are especially thankful for that!!

I too would be happy for each poop, you never realize how exciting that can be until it doesn't happen...

So, just know that I'll be asking you for pointers when baby #2 comes around to see how you have have done such an amazing job! Hopefully ours will be just as wonderful as Becks.

Also, she is an absolute baby doll and I just want to love on her! Enjoy your cuddles and coos today! :)

Melinda Moss said...

You're a pro! See? 2 children are all it takes, and more just makes you better. :D Not that I'm trying to talk you into more or anything. One thing I would do different is to throw the schedule out the window. I made myself insane trying to keep a schedule and that is about all it ever accomplished. If I had it to do over again I would just let them melt where ever they melted, cover them up and let life go on as normal. They get used to it a lot faster and you avoid that whole battle over the nap. All it ever got me was lots of interrupted sleep when a little finger went up my nose or into my eyes. Moms need naps more than kids do. Sad fact of life, right there. I can tell you though, that by the time you are 45 you will be up most of the time. So get your naps while you can, girl, while you still treasure them.