can we live with 20/20?

Brent and I always say, "The summer of 2009 was the best summer of our lives!" We had been married a year, finally felt settled in Louisville, had made some great friends… and just had FUN all summer long. I had completed my first year of teaching and was enjoying the "Oh I still get paid in the summer while I lounge by the pool" benefits, and Brent had just finished his internship and we wisely made the decision for him to hold off his job search for a few months.

We went to the pool a lot, as it was about 100 steps from our apartment. I went golfing with him [sort of. I walked with him]. And we traveled. A lot. We went to Gaitlinburg, TN with our lifer friends. We flew home for my dad's graduation from the patrol, then out to California for a week with Brent's brother and fam [and my first trip to DisneyLand], and then back home, then up to Iowa to visit my family, then back to Louisville to lay by the pool a bit more. 

See what I mean? Best summer ever.

We knew we were enjoying it while we were in the midst of it, but I don't think we realized just how special it was until it was gone.

The next summer we moved. Our days were spent preparing for new jobs and painting and ripping up carpet and…not relaxing by the pool or traveling.

Needless to say we haven't had a summer like that since.

Sometimes right now I feel busy and stretched thin, caring for a little one year old all day, everyday.

And then yesterday I was sitting outside reading in the sun while the monitor hummed it's familiar noise and Blythe slept. Brent soon rode home on his bike to spend lunch with us [did I mention he got moved to the bank branch in our town!?], then later in the evening we went to my parents' and Blythe took a dip in an inflatable frog pool and we ate chicken salad and strawberries.

And I thought, is it possible to live with 20/20, instead of reserving that perfect vision for our hindsight?

Because I think this summer, with its simplicity and hot sticky air, will be one we look back on in a few years and think, "Did we realize how wonderful we had it?"

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Kali said...

You do seem to have it pretty good this summer! You're wise to enjoy it while you're in it. I'm looking forward to a summer where I'm neither nursing nor pregnant...maybe someday ;-)