in the summer time...

Do you know that old 70's tune by Mungo Jerry? 
In the summer time when the weather is fine, you can stretch right up and touch the sky…

I've been humming that little diddy in my head a lot the past few weeks as Brent and I have relished these sticky hot first days of summer with Blythe. 

Last summer we had a little peanut, and didn't get to do too terrible much outside: 

But now? Well these are some snapshots of our summer lovin':

Porch swinging with Nini and PopPop

Shirtless eye-gouging of mama

Puddle splashing with her "favorite" [Stacy]

Ice cream lickin'

Lots of baths
Swimsuit lounging
Splashin' in the pool

Even a little hot tub action, which she thought was hilarious
"jumping" to Daddy
lots of time outside

chillin in her "cool mans"
tearing up flowers
smelling flowers 
porch sittin'
and more baths
wearin' short shorts and spaghetti straps-- look at that figure, would ya?
hanging out at the softball field
evening strolls with Mommy and Daddy
eatin' dirt and snot
wearing halter dresses to church
walking around in a swimsuit
hanging out in the pool
eating snacks on a blanket
dreaming of shootin' hoops someday
off the shoulder…making sure she doesn't get tan lines
and crashing hard at the end of the day

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Hannah said...

oh my goodness! She is too cute! It looks like she is having quite the summer :)

*carrie* said...

What a sweet post. That pic of her in the shower is the best!

Our peanut is enjoying many of the same activities. =)