a little blogging rant

I think I've written about this before, but it's been happening again a lot lately and I have more readers now so I thought I'd spew again.

I can't respond to your comments! And I want to! So help me out!

The problem really isn't yours, the problem is Blogger, this venue through which I am able to share my thoughts and stories and pictures with you. Typically what happens is I write a little something, something and get some comments. I get an email when you comment. This is what it looks like: 

What I want to be able to do is open that email, read your comment, and then hit reply and email you back. Then when you check your email, voila, we have a little conversation going and you can see how awesome I thought your comment was, or I can ask you a question back, or tell you how hilarious and cool you are. 

However MOST people aren't set up this way. So what happens is I get all excited to respond to a comment [I'm picking on Tara today…sorry, Tara]. I click "reply", and this pops up:

Awesome. I type up a response and click SEND, thinking you'll get the email. But here is the deal-- if you're not set up properly, this is actually where my email goes: 

So that email I just sent Tara in response to her comment? It went to this address, which is no where. So it went no where. Into the endless acres and acres of nothingness. And now Tara thinks I'm a jerk for never responding to her awesome comment. 

Here is the deal: It is super super super EASY to fix this, and then I can email you right back and we will be COMMUNICATING behind the scenes! It will be so fun. I promise. 

Go to your profile. Click "edit profile" on the top right. [That orange box]

 Then simply check the box that says "show my email address" and enter the email you would like your comments to respond to.

Even if you're on Wordpress, make a blogger profile with your email and website link, so you can comment on Blogger blogs so we can talk!

If you're worried that entering your email here is going to cause spam and other craziness, don't be. I've been on Blogger since 2007 and haven't had a single problem like that yet.

Trust me, you don't have to be super smart like this little lady to figure it out:

There you go. Go fix yourself up and stop being a no-reply commenter! If you've never gotten a response from me after you've commented, this is probably why. I'm so glad we'll be talking soon!
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bridger said...

Ok. Here is my comment on your blog about posting comments. I tried to follow the prescribed procedures and hope you receive an email address to which you can respond. :)

"Hope I did it right!"

momiss said...

I think I was right to begin with. I just had to point out that I highly doubt those emails go "nowhere", in light on the NSA scandal. Bwahahahaha

etsetara said...

okay, i think i've got it. but maybe not. we'll see!

Tara said...

okay, i'm pretty sure my blogger account will work. trying to get wordpress to work as well. =]

Mrs. White Writes said...