some more pictures

[Quick update for those of you who were concerned: I found my phone when I came back to the apartment. See, it was all okay! If you don't know what I'm talking about, see yesterday's post, venting on cell phones.]

Scot and Trace (shortly after a nap, I believe)

Kylee (on the beach where Baywatch was filmed...)
Always posing--- Myka

So, I wondered if my wedding dress still fit. And then mom found me like this when she came home for lunch :)
I love being home. It is beautiful.

Buddy's Animal Park
They were chasing me...what's new?
Grandma Pat always has ice-pops
Favorite pictures to follow

Dad breaking Brent's arm...actually, just practicing on him. A rite of passage into our familyBrewing tea on the back porch
Kali's baby shower!
Trip to Atlanta to visit Micah :)
The farm mom grew up on. Another beautiful spot.
And of course, we had to line up rocks and flick them into the creek
Visiting with Grandma
Great Grandbaby #30


Beck said...

Have you ever seen such beautiful grandchildren?
Gr Joan

just the usual noises said...

I love our family! and I love you Kelshhhhh.