a "stats" post

cravings: I really haven't been craving too much. Early on I just needed to eat to keep my belly happy, so I munched a lot on crackers and such. There was aday [as in literally a 24 hour period] in which I consumed an entire box of triscuits...which wouldn't be too bad but I ate most of the box with cream cheese and the rest with melted cheddar cheese mixed with sour cream [but I've been doing that since high school...it's how I keep my hips healthy :)]. This trimester it's been all about the carbs so far...which again, isn't TOO abnormal for me, but I think I'm just hungrier and carbs seem to stick around longer.

weight gain: This is the only time in life it is okay to announce this on a blog, right? At my last appointment I had gained 6 lbs. I'm sure that is a up a bit more, but my doctor said I was right on track with weight gain.

comments: "Are you SURE you're pregnant?" [my students] "You're totally having twins!" [my softball girls] "Name the baby Respucha!" [A student] Tears. [My mom...just kidding] And my personal favorite happened just yesterday when I told my students the baby is now the size of a sweet potato (thank you, fruit ticker): One student responded "Will it be shaped like a sweet potato?" [To which I said, I sure hope not! but baby, I will love you even if you are) And the second response was, "Will it taste like a sweet potato?" [To which I said, Do you plan on eating my baby?]

fears: listerios. I think this is just because it the the "THING" doctors are honing in on right now...and because there have been outbreaks from cantelope and spinach this year! Yikes. I heat my meat religiously [to which a coworker of mine scoffed at. His wife just had a baby and he said she ate deli meat all the time and the only thing wrong with his baby is that her hair stands straight up! :)] I'm also a little nervous about getting sick this winter... I don't do sick well anyway, so on top of that to be pregnant and not allowed to take much medicine...yeah, don't want that. Other than that just the typical fears that this little nut will stay in my incubator long enough etc. But I also know that God is looking out for me...but that faith thing is a bit difficult at times, isn't it?! Oh and this may seem like an odd one...but I'm a little nervous about my water breaking while I'm in the middle of class-- I may need to prep my students for that one.

general mood: I really haven't been too hormonal at all. Early on when I was so tired I was a bit cranky at times [but that is pretty typical...sorry, Brent]. The only moment I can remember would be when B and I were eating at Fazzolis [when OLIVE GARDEN just couldn't fit in our budget :)] and he reached over and dipped his breadstick in my pasta sauce. I snapped-S.N.A.P.P.E.D.- at him saying, "If you wanted SAUCE to dip YOUR breadstick in, then YOU should have ORDERED pasta and NOT a sandwich..." He responded perfectly-- by laughing. I love that man. I couldn't help but laugh too. But like I said, other than that...not too bad. I cried before I was pregnant, so that still happens. But overall I would say this is a consistently happy time for us.

things i have been surprised by: how excited and interested my students have been--which shouldn't have surprised me, as I have truly awesome students. That THIS seemed to be a popular question people felt the need to ask, "Oh, was this planned?" Seriously? Maybe my mom can ask me that, but someone I barely know? Not necessary. And furthermore, I'm almost 26, have been married 3 and 1/2 years, own a home, have a steady job..."Was this planned?" Really? [It was... but I just think that is a weird, unnecessary question...so don't ask me that, okay?!] Off soap box now. Other surprises? That it has taken me so long to show. I thought since my stomach has always been super flat that it would be noticeable right away. Finally at 18 weeks I've got a little something to show for the work my body is doing :). I also wasn't expecting to feel the baby move this early, since most women told me they felt movements around 20 weeks. I have felt movement for a couple weeks now, and it's fairly noticeable now. I suppose that means this baby is a MOVER!!

things i'm most looking forward to: To fall head-over-heels in love with this baby. To watch Brent become a father. To watch my parents and in-laws love up on this child. To see who the baby looks like... And to find out the sex in 2 weeks!

what i think is really cool and crazy: That something from Brent and something from me came together and is now a human growing inside of me...that the human body is capable of this...at how big this shows that my God is-- I really can't wrap my head around any of it.

things i'm doing to prepare right now: For me it's important to process these small moments, so I'm writing and journaling a lot and hope to share that with the babe someday. We painted the room gray this summer, and will leave it that color for boy or girl...but I'm getting other nursery ideas and plan on diving in head first with that once we find out the sex. I also have thought about registering and such, and will probably do that within the next month. Right now though, we're enjoying the daily new stuff that is coming our way [and probably will for the next, oh 20 years!].

What about you? What's the big stuff [or little stuff] you remember from pregnancy?


Dad said...

I remember having to walk all the way around her to get to the coffee pot. Really though it was the only time in my life when I was always wrong. I don't remember apologizing for "being" as much as those 4 nine month periods of time. It was all worth it!

*carrie* said...

Fun to read your perspective, Kelsey. I've never seen that fruit ticker--that's funny! Guess my little one will be a sweet potato in 3 weeks. =)

Yes, well, about the showing part. I kid you not that I "popped out" at SEVEN weeks this time. It was tricky getting dressed for almost a month since most people didn't know yet! Of course, I assumed everyone was starting at my belly trying to figure out if I was pregnant or not. =)

Kali said...

Poor Dad - he has such a rough life, huh? I will never forget the first time I felt Caroline move, which was right at 20 weeks and we were laying on a beach in Aruba! Ellie had LOTS of hiccups towards the end, and still gets them quite regularly now. It's a pretty crazy feeling to have someone hiccuping inside you. And of course there was the whole water breaking thing with Caroline, after which Dan really thought I should just come back to bed. I would be needing my rest, after all.