pictures of this-n-that & Brent's marathon #2

At the beginning of October my wonderful Mother-in-Law Joan had a birthday. So we celebrated. And got to hang out with cutey-pa-toot-ie Henry! Beth let me borrow her 50 mm lense for a bit so I snapped away. He had fallen and hit his lip earlier that day, but that didn't stop him from running around. He's getting so big!

Sidenote: This is Beta. The ONLY dog I don't mind being around.

And the pregnancy pictures you've all been waiting for…well, at least 3 of you. Here I am at 12 weeks. Looking super pregnant, eh? ;)

And 15 weeks. Starting to be able to tell a little bit more if I wear the right thing...
On a completely different note: One of my softball girls sent me these flowers last week thanking me for a great season. What a sweety.

Brent ran another 1/2 marathon this weekend in Kansas City. This one was much bigger than the last one he ran in April, and included thousands of other crazies like him :-). The race started at 7 A.M., so we drove down Friday evening and stayed with the ever-awesome Carrie [we worked together last year and she's from OKOBOJI so she has to be cool :)]. She and I stayed up way too late talking and then we all got up and headed to the race around 6. We met up with Brandon and Courtney, some friends of ours, as Brandon was also running the 1/2. I was amazed at the sheer number of people there. As soon as they were off, us girls went and got breakfast and then an hour and a half later returned to the finish line. I saw Brent coming and grabbed my camera, put it up to my face, and then he was crossing the finish line….sprinting at full speed. I snapped several pictures, but most of them were just blurs.
He's the skinny guy in the middle to the right of the guy in the blue.
I was unbelievably proud of this guy. He wanted to improve his time from his last race and hoped to finish at around 1:35. He finished at 1:34:58. [And as mentioned before, remember this was at a dead sprint!! :)] He was 17th out of 317 in his division…110th out of the 1981 men that raced… and 129 out of 4795 people that ran the race!! Like I said, I was and am unbelievably proud of this guy. Way to go, Brenters!
Our friend and fellow freak for running the 1/2, Brandon. :-) Great job, guys!

The pregnant wife who didn't run the marathon…not that being pregnant had anything to do with that :-)


Joan said...

Yeah, I wanted to see pics on all these various subjects. I love them all. Thanks

BChambers said...

That Brenters...I look up to him;) Keep those belly shots comin..cant wait to do that session with you:) the big belly ones. Love you both.

Amanda said...

Great photos! And that is flat out an amazing time...I'm still working my way up to a 5K so people run a half completely impress me!