I rarely use this space to ask for prayer…unless I'm asking for prayer for Brent or myself. And maybe I should ask more often. Many of you that follow this blog of mine are people of prayer; you breathe praise to our Father all day long. And that is the reason that I'm going to share this with you, so that some of you may do what you do best tomorrow on this person's behalf.

Her name is Jaque. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about a month ago. She is 33.

Her and her husband [who happens to be my principal] have lived in our community for many years now, and their Light shines brightly…and this diagnosis has not stopped them in sharing their faith and hope with others. Rather, they have used this heartbreaking scenario as a mouthpiece for the Mighty God we serve. It has been a truly incredible thing to experience.

Tomorrow Jaque goes in for a mastectomy surgery, and will also be receiving the port for her chemo. She has asked for specific prayer for peace, for both her and her husband, but also prayer that her arm will not swell [as this sometimes happens to women who have this surgery and it is irreparable].

As I was driving this evening I heard the song "Strong Enough," by Matthew West. I immediately thought of Jaque, and "prayed" the song for her. Some of the lyrics include:

"You must think I'm strong/ to give me what I'm going through/ Well, forgive me if I'm wrong/but this looks like more than I can do/ on my own/ I know I'm not strong enough to be/ everything that I'm supposed to be/ I give up/ I'm not strong enough/ Hands of mercy won't you cover me/ Lord right now I'm asking you to be/ strong enough/ for both of us/ Cause I'm broken down to nothing/ But I'm still holding on to the one thing/ You are God/ and you are strong/ When I am weak/ I can do all things/ through Christ who gives me strength."

If you read this tomorrow and feel so led, please say a prayer for Jaque. Pray that she may feel the peace that surpasses all understanding, and that His hands of mercy cover her and make her strong enough.



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On it...much love, Kelsey! Xoxo Trish

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