baby bump- 18 weeks

dear baby,

i’m so glad you’re finally starting to show yourself. i know it has only been 18 weeks, but i’m already anxious to hold you in my arms. i have felt you fluttering away in there for a couple weeks now, and each time i feel like i get to know you a little bit more [kick again?...like now, please].

your dad and i are having a lot of fun dreaming about what our days will look like with you in them. even though he can’t feel your movements yet, he still rolls over in the morning and lays his hand on my belly to tell you “good morning.” [just so you know, we’re big fans of that guy].

we still are waiting to find out for another two weeks if you are a boy or a girl, and we’re very excited to hear the news. we plan on being immensely thrilled either way, just in case you’re worried.

for now, stay warm and cozy and keep growing and getting stronger. i will take good care of you [which means less coffee in the morning? eh? what do you think?]

i love you so much already!

love, mom


Micah Wolf said...

It's still so hard for me to grasp that you are a mom....but it's pretty incredible at the same time. I am so excited for you two and can't wait to meet the little Irwin!

Sharon said...

The heart of moms-to-be every where....put into words. Wonderful words. And the next time you two are visiting, tell that precious little one that their Nana loves them too.

Lyricality said...

too cute! enjoy baby time! :)