Torri was inducted into the National Honor Society a couple weeks ago. Way to go, Torri! We're proud of you…but you do have some pretty FABULOUS teachers ;-)
And Avree and Rylie FINALLY were able to come and spend the night and hang out. Despite some hiccups along the way [i.e. Rylie didn't bring one of Av's bags, we couldn't find PUMPKINS anywhere and I had my heart set on carving pumpkins…and we never got around to roasting our marshmellows etc] We had a really great time! I love these girls deeply and dearly,. For those of you that don't know, I babysat these two during the summers [and many nights in between] when they were much younger :) and we had some good times ].
Our masterpieces:

Mine….get it?
And of course, Brent's. Rockchallk Jayhawk baby…it's basketball season now! :)

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Aunt Linda said...

Love the pumpkins - great carving! Good to see Avree and Rylie again too. Tell Brent I didn't know he was so artistic!