Do you remember?

Do you remember your high school Homecoming? How BIG OF A DEAL it was? How crazy everyone got during that time? How everyone either loved to love or loved to hate the Queen? How ultimately it was about the football game, but the girls only cared if the game was lost because it meant the boys would be sour grapes at the dance?

Oh, Homecoming, how full of angst and excitement and craziness you are for a teenager.

This week has been homecoming week. Which equals crazy dress up days, and daily pep assemblies, and float building, and spirit award-earning, and parade watching, and dance preparing, and hair fixing, and dress buying, and loud cheering. Loud. Loud. Loud. Cheering. At all times. All week.

Our dress up days were a big success this week including nerd day, cartoon day, and cross-gender day. The latter was a bit disturbing, but hysterical. It is fun to see the kids come together and be creative and get noisy for our school. It is fun to see the community get behind our students.

I remember homecoming week vividly. I especially remember my sophomore year. I was selected to be on the court, which in my town mean 3 outfits, a bonfire coronation, a parade, and a fancy formal attire at the game and dance. This was in my "I'd rather be wearing sweatpants" phase of life, so it took gentle reminding that I probably should shave my legs for the events. The part I remember the most though was not that I was on the court, but that I was on the court with my sister. Kali was a Senior candidate. Which meant she could actually be voted queen. Which meant the night of coronation I got to be on the field with her when they crowned her. It was a lot of fun to share that experience with her. And since the dads escort the girls the night of the game, we got to ask our Grandpa to be one of our escorts. Beautiful.

What about you? What do you remember about YOUR homecoming? Was it a big deal at your school? Did people get CRAZY?! Did your town get involved?



Aunt Linda said...

I remember that year way more that I remember any of my own homecoming years (ancient history!). What an exciting night! Nervous girls, excited parents, and very proud grandpa! It was so much fun to be a small part of it!

Anonymous said...

Kelsey, I just thought of this...what an incredible gift your writing is going to be for your little one. Yes, you will have the stories you TELL, but the writing...sweet niblets, the writing! :) Enjoy the chaos of Homecoming as a teacher...just as fun, just in different ways. Hugs and love, mama! :) Trish

Jenny (Swope) Russell said...

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y, that's the Wolverine battle cry!!! Oh how loud the old gym used to be!! Do they still do that cheer in Maysville?? I have been to the homecoming in Mound City where I live now and it doesn't even compare to the festivities of Maysville!! Hope you had a fun Homecoming week!

Kali said...

I have to admit, it's hard to forget being crowned queen :) But getting to share that whole crazy event with you was even more wonderful! I also always think of working on the floats throughout the week, class wars (although my class may have put an end to some of that after a few of my classmates were suspended for painting a teacher's car...oops), and the awesome/awful skits we had to come up with each year for bonfire night. SO much fun! I'm so glad I grew up in such a wonderful small town.

momiss said...

A neighboring town also had "transgender day" for their homecoming this year. I find that disturbing. It's a classic move on the part of the school, though, as it puts the parents in a defensive position right off. ( I felt so sorry for a co-worker who has a 5 year old who asked WHY would she dress as a boy when whe was a GIRL??? She did not participate in that day's "theme") I predict an even bigger surge in home schooling.
Just my opinion. We will see.

rsctt said...

sounds great