baby blag 4

September 19, 2011

Days seemed to c.r.a.w.l by as we waited to share our big news. I was feeling more and more pregnant and was sure everyone knew/could tell. I was super nervous to start school, wondering what getting up at 7 would do to my system. Softball practice proved to be exhausting after a long day in the classroom and I felt drawn to just sit down. How could people not tell a difference? I felt like falling asleep while standing. I ate crackers and munched on SOMETHING constantly. I felt like I was gaining tons of weight [in reality I gained about 3 or 4 pounds]. Every time I looked at someone I just wanted to shout, “THERE IS A BABY GROWING INSIDE OF ME! HAVEN’T YOU NOTICED?!”

But no one seemed to. Not really anyway.

Over Labor Day Brent and I made a quick trip to see Kali and Dan. We sat down for supper and I casually said, “We brought Ellie a little something, and I would like to get her another present but wanted to know what she really needs first. Oh, and if she is patient and waits until about April she’ll have a new baby cousin to play with.” Commence screaming, and smiling, and hugging, and a very confused Caroline. Kali of course said, “I KNEW IT!” [She is the oldest child after all, and they know EVERYTHING]. She loaded me up with maternity clothes and books and loving advice and Metamucil [lovely], and off we went.

When we got back we headed over to my parents. Since their anniversary was at the first of the month we handed them two “anniversary” cards. I told them they couldn’t open them just yet, but rather needed to wait about a month and half and I would tell them which one to open which would reveal the sex of their next grandchild. Commence total shock and amazement. My dad’s face was a mixture of complete surprise and a “For me? You really shouldn’t have” response. Priceless. They were, of course, beyond excited.

Since Brent’s parents share the same anniversary as my parents [I know, it’s super cute, right?], we pulled the same gig on them. There was hugging and surprise and total excitement all around there as well. And then, as in all the other circumstances, a list of questions that needed to be asked. Brent was then able to call all of his siblings too, and as we shared the news our excitement grew more and more as well...which hardly seemed possible.

And then last Wednesday we headed back to the Doctor for a second appointment [at the first a nurse came in, said “Yep, you’re pregnant.” Handed me a ton of information and had me sign several different documents, then sucked me dry of all my blood]. I was more than a little nervous, knowing this was the real deal check-up, heartbeat and all, that would determine my health, the baby’s, and whether or not we could begin calling others and sharing the news further.

And as my doctor [who as you read earlier was a total shot in the dark and is completely wonderful] ran the sonar microphone over my jelly covered belly, Brent and I waited in anticipation. And then...there it was... a little fluttering, a whoosh-whooshing of life. We both sat, smiling like giddy little children. And as my doctor finished up and shared that “everything looks fantastic!” we could hardly contain our excitement.

As we were walking out of the office Brent said, “I’m a little disappointed in our child.” I looked at him, slightly confused by waiting for the punchline. “Well,” he continued, “I mean, I just thought that while he or she had the opportunity to speak from the womb he or she would say, ‘Thank you for giving me life, Daddy,’ or something else profound.” Mmmm hmmm.

And then we began calling and calling and telling and telling until we had told so many that our job became easier. I finally shared with my students last Friday. I put an extra question on their quiz that said, “Write down one boy name and one girl name that you like.” I didn’t quite know how they would respond, thinking they would mainly be indifferent. However, their exuberance and excitement shocked me and made the day really fun.

And now, here I am, sitting on my couch with the top button of my pants unbuttoned because it’s getting slightly uncomfortable, wondering what the next 7 months, 2 years, lifetime, will bring our way. I am so thankful that God is in control. And I am so thankful for this little life developing inside of me.


*carrie* said...

Loving these entries, Kelsey. It's so neat that you recorded all of those thoughts and memories.

Kyle said...

Love Ya.

Amanda said...

what creative ways to tell your family!