babyblag 3

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August 1, 2011

July has come and gone. I can’t believe such a significant month in my life trickled away so quickly.

Two weeks ago I rolled out of bed at the same time as Brent. This rarely doesn’t happen during the summer. But I wanted him--needed him--there. I dug through the closet where I had placed the pregnancy test back in June, read the instructions, and performed the steps necessary. I snapped the lid on and laid it on the countertop. I looked at the clock. Two minutes crawled by. I glanced back at the test window. There was a definite horizontal line, but I was waiting for that vertical line to cut a perpendicular mark through it to form the plus sign.

The time had come. I held the test up to the light and there it was. Very faint, but there none the less. I showed it to Brent without saying anything. He looked at me and smiled. “I don’t know if that is really a line?”

“Kels, it is. You’re pregnant!”

We hugged [and washed our hands after holding the test, don’t worry]. We smiled. I resisted the urge to call everyone I knew. Then Brent left for work and I crawled back into bed. [There really isn’t much that can keep me from sleeping, I mean, my mom had to wake me up on my wedding day because I just kept sleeping. ]

I had to go to the store that day so I threw a few more pregnancy tests in my cart just to make sure. I waited until the next morning and took another one. This one was even more clear.

I was pregnant. I AM pregnant. It is like I am carrying this tiny little secret around inside of me and I’m about to burst. I went out to lunch with mom the day I took the second test. Of course, baby names came up during the course of our conversation. I wanted to tell her so badly, but Brent and I have decided to wait until after my first doctor’s appointment to tell our family. August 30th seems like forever away.

Two days after we found out I left for a cruise to Alaska. I went with my good friend, Micah, and struggled through NINE whole days of not telling her. I fought sea sickness and now am struggling to regain my land-legs...or maybe I’m just dizzy and nauseas because I’m pregnant? I’m not sure. However, I took another test when I got home, just because I needed to see those two lines again.

And I do know this: I am tired. I am a bit emotional. And I am extremely happy. I couldn’t stop smiling while I made the appointment with my doctor today.

I don’t have an official due date, but by my calculations I will most likely have the baby around the first of April. Wow, are our lives about to change!


Sharon said...

I can't believe you sat there with me and didn't tell me! Of course, you are the same girl that hid behind the bushes and watched me frantically run around the house screaming for you. I get it. You like to make me suffer. Oh well, I love you anyway!

momiss said...

The first of April is a quite wonderful time to be born. Especially the 5th. Kali would agree. Just sayin'.

Brent said...

I do remember thinking that the end of August was a long way off. And Sharon's comment makes me laugh because for some reason I can picture Kelsey's little face in my mind like I'm watching a movie.