Babyblag 2

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June 17th, 2011

I wasn’t pregnant then. Exactly three months ago. Nor am I now, to my knowledge. I saved that document I typed back in March in my panicked state and, thinking I would one day blog about some of these thoughts, saved it as “BabyBlog.” However, thanks to my unsure emotions I somehow typed “Babyblag.” I think it may stick.

March seems like an eternity ago. I actually never ended up taking that pregnancy test. After Brent walked in the door I talked with him...he calm, me still trying to figure out a way to move December to some other spot on the calendar. :) And we decided to save the test. To wait it out. To give a little more time. And sure enough, a week later I discovered I wasn’t pregnant the natural way. Lovely.

The funny thing though? I distinctly felt disappointed.

So I scheduled a lovely gynecologist visit. Lovely. And I went off birth control. Officially. Off. Done.

We both wanted to make sure things were “good to go,” so we didn’t want to officially start trying until I got the green light from my doctor. Only therein was the rub. “My” doctor. Remember that I moved semi-recently? Well, I never found a doctor. And now I was finding it impossible to get one to see me. The doctor a friend recommended could see me in August. How nice of her. NEXT! I let the receptionist, who chatted with me until we realized I will have her son in class next year, recommend someone. Lisa it was. She could see me at the end of May. Thank you, Lisa, that is a little more reasonable.

So until May, Brent and I continued to pretend we “weren’t quite ready” for this huge step, even though both of us had been since we said “I do.” Then, in the pouring rain after the bell rang on the last day of school, I drove to her office...will spare you the details...and got the green light--if I renewed my Tetnus shot. Whatever. I was almost there.

Then we went on vacation. Then I struggled to find the number for the right health department. Then they wouldn’t be in until “the next day.” Then I got stabbed in my right arm with the needle. Then people asked why I got the shot. Then I lied and said “because it now covers whooping cough” [which it does, fun fact], and that “my doctor said it would be good for me to be covered since I’m around kids all the time at my job.” This would be better than the awkward, “Well, we’re going to start trying to procreate,” moment. Then Brent was like, “Woah, Kels, quick thinking on that one.” Then I was like, “Yeah. I rock.” Then, well...we stopped trying to NOT procreate. “Be fruitful and multiply,” became our motto.

But not seriously. Not yet. The game face will come out next month. July. Like planned. To create my perfect Springtime baby. Lord willing. I know He ultimately is in control. I know He looks at me and giggles at my mere mortal plans. But I know He holds our future child in His arms and I am thrilled beyond measure to meet the little booger.

So until this “babyblag” gets too exciting...there is the back story.

And that pregnancy test Brent ran to the store to get to calm my nerves? It is nestled away in our bathroom closet...waiting for its big debut.


Aunt Linda said...

I love your blog!

ashley mcfee said...

I love Lisa! She delivered Lincoln & while I'm not sure those visits can ever be fun, I have never dreaded seeing her. Congrats too by the way!