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This morning was one of those mornings where the writer in me was being a bit restless. So I began racking my brain about things I could write about. And this was the result:

a l a r g e v o i d .

As I continued to think, I came up with a few options:

-coffee [But I've done that here]
- fellowship, as I have been blessed to experience real fellowship again recently [ but I've done that here and elsewhere]
- home [I've done that here and here, here and even wrote about both of my grandparents' homes here and here]
- the cold weather [but I covered that here]

I've even written about leaving. About growing up [here and here] and of course I've written plenty about teaching [such as here and here and here and here and here] and marriage [here and here ] and even dating.

I've written about plenty of seemingly meaningless fodder too: candles , golf, and pens.

I've written about my family: including pieces specifically about mom , dad [and this one about vacations he brought us on!], and Kali.

So I guess that doesn't leave me with much, does it?!

That being said [which took me much longer to do than if I would have just buckled down and written something], if you're bored, or otherwise interested, link away, remember what I've written before as I sulk in writer's block, and consider this my post for the weekend.

Happy linking.

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Sharon said...

You are forgiven for not writing something new! I've sat here for almost 2 hours (hey, its Saturday - I deserve it!) and "linked" with the past, laughing, crying, and thanking God for the privilege of have you in my life. Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us through your writings.