another snow day...so you get more pictures

I finally got my computer to cooperate in uploading pictures. These are from the fabulous weekend Brent and I were able to spend at home. My commentary will be sparse, as my computer froze in the middle of uploading these to my blog [after I spent about an hour editing them], so I had to restart the computer [which takes forever...], anyway. Moral of story: We need a new computer. And I need to work on taxes, therefore my commentary will be sparse.

We threw mom and dad a bit of a surprise congrats party for this reason. So proud of them for standing strong through such a long battle! Aunt Linda even brought brats and we got a delicious ice cream cake!

All of my mom and dad's "girls" were able to be there! So much fun. From Left to Right: Kali, Avree [babysitting girl of mom's], Torri [ditto], mom, dad, Brent, me, and Paige [ditto]

Kali wanted me to capture some of the many "Caroline faces"... and boy did she perform. She was yakking away in these pictures which caused for some very humorous moments and faces. You might also be able to tell just how smitten her Uncle B is with her too :-)


Super baby...

Too cute

I also was able to shoot a couple pictures of Hawkins, my nephew. He is getting so big but still has such sweet baby blues. I couldn't resist picking up my camera while he had on his cowboy hat. He has grown up with a camera in his face [thanks Beth], so he is quite photogenic:


Sharon said...

Wonderful pictures!!!! I would probably have to agree about the favorite (already made it my screen saver!)although its pretty hard to choose. What a great weekend it was. We are truly blessed!

Kali said...

LOVE the pictures! Thanks Kels - awesome job of capturing a wonderful weekend. Also, I would like to make a note that Dad probably ate half of that ice cream cake all by himself.