wordless wednesdays: hawkins meets the highway patrol


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure he believed everything I was telling him.!


just the usual noises said...

HAHA Kyle..Im sure he was soaking it all in...man for some reason I havent looked at your blob in a while:( I love the pics of you with Paige and Tori(sp) fixing their hair and make-up...(with your straight hair, didnt know who it was at first) and Brents little note(so cute) and Brent and Caroline oh my:) Henry makes some of those faces! and love the one of Hawkins taking a breathalyzer..HA well Im sorry I missed the last time you came up...but we shall see you again...just not soon enough. Oh also Congrats to you Kyle! mom told me about your old job...way to hang in there! God is truly GREAT!

Sharon said...

Picture 4 caption should read
" OK , I'm going to let you go with a warning this time."