In keeping with my alphabet theme, I thought of the word joy. I thought this was quite fitting for my trip home/up north, so for my entry I wanted to simply write on some "joys" I have noticed during my trip (I always seem to be a bit more introspective on these trips, and as those that have often observed my teaching say I am "reflective by nature..." whatever that means!?! :)

Joys: (in no particular order)

- The miracle of flight.
- Seeing one's mother after an absence, no matter how old.
- Seeing your luggage actually appear.
- Hearing your grandpa say, "Be careful" every time he says goodbye.
- Seeing your dad laugh so hard he cries when you are recounting a story about you and your sister (Kali, the one where you slip on the icy steps, spill grapejuice everywhere, and proceed to then blame me!)
- Seeing the sign "Entering Dekalb County"
- Seeing the sign "Entering Sioux County"
- Smelling the signs that you are, in fact, in Sioux County
- Watching snow fall in the spring, as it should. :)
- Szcheswan's chinese (which you will probably never be able to spell correctly), and thanking Mary as you pick up your order.
- Having Grandma Schoon holding your hand.
- A hardware store's basement full of toys that hasn't changed since you were a kid.
- Having to go to the bathroom so bad and knowing you can't make it home and knowing it's okay to pull off on the next gravel road.
- Reading a good book.
- Having time to read a good book.
- Being at Aunt Linda's, and finally being okay with how the water tastes :)
- Seeing a little boy you used to babysit.
- Above mentioned boy wanting you to still read books to him.
- Holding a newborn (she's beautiful, Carrie and Eric)
- Having coffee with an old friend who you have held when she was crying and who has returned that same favor.
- Getting to use your brights, something you have long since not had the need for in the city
- Still remembering your old radio pre-sets.
- Your mom's home cooking
- Crawling into a freshly made bed with newly washed sheets that you had nothing to do with
- Cheese in the refrigerator and oreos in the cabinet just for you
- Driving a car that you know won't break down (Thanks mom and dad #2, I was never so sure I would arrive somewhere!)
- Still being so in love with someone that even though you are having a great time you miss him like crazy
- Hugging someone you held in the hospital, even if they almost look you in the eye now.
- Microwaves (okay, this isn't something nostalgic about my trip, but hey, let's admit that they are incredible!)
- Driving through towns where you could close your eyes and probably still get where you needed to go.
- Having professors sit in their office and chat with you for an hour and half and still care about you.
- Eating lunch with an old roommate's brother.
- Coming across a "road closed" and having the truck in front of you pull over, roll the window down, and ask you if you know of any gravel roads that will get him where he needs to go
- Knowing gravel roads that will get him where he needs to go.
- Dutch names.
- Going back to a favorite thrift store.
- Your mom still buying your kind of shampoo to keep in the shower for you.
- About 15 hugs in your old church before you have even entered the sanctuary.
- Finding old notes from your "high school sweetheart" in your dresser drawer at home, and reading them with a prayer in your heart thanking God that man became your husband.
- Doing laundry at Aunt Linda's (it was just a pair of jeans, but I had to for old time's sake!)
- Gravel roads, camouflage, and hunter orange
- Eating supper with two ladies that took you under their wings and made you absolutely love your entire student teaching process, and laughing with them like you used to.
- Having this many things to consider "joys.

I'll post pictures when I get back to Louisville (flying back tomorrow night).


Anonymous said...

Miss you already, Kelsey. Our joy was having you back in OC - if only for a little while. Love you so much!
Aunt Linda & Uncle Alan

Lyricality said...

I'm so glad you were able to relax and enjoy home! I'm glad you got to have a small 'fix' of small town lovin' before you had to come back to the big bad city where we dwell! ;) soak it all in! Have a safe trip back!
(I still have some oreos in my cabinet if you need some :) )~Jule

Anonymous said...

The pleasure, my dear, was all mine! I feel HONORED for having been able to meet you at the Mountain for supper...food for the body AND spirit! Thank you so much for allowing time in your trip for us. You are indeed a blessing to me! Love and hugs from the OC! Trish

*carrie* said...


It was wonderful to see you. And such great timing, too--thanks for serving our family during your visit! The giraffe is hanging on the wall--we all love it. What a special gift--thanks for doing that and for coming to see us!

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