word of the day

In my classroom I always do a "word of the day." Vocabulary is important.

Today's word was "Catharsis."

So I thought I would blog briefly about some things in my life that are cathartic for me:

- Obviously, writing. No matter what kind of a mood I'm in if I pick up a pen things get better.

- Eating. This probably isn't recommended. But give me some buttered noodles or a package of oreos and it's as good as letting out a good cry.

- Teaching. Most days. Granted, there are always days that I just want to be home in bed etc. but when I'm in the middle of a great lesson and a good discussion is brewing or a student shares a wonderful piece they have written... it is cleansing for the soul.

- Cleaning. WHAT?! I know. Weird. But getting down on the floor and scrubbing the snot out of the bathroom floor is definitely cathartic.

- Hugging Brent. Now that you have all checked your gag reflexes... I'm being serious. I can be stressed to the max, and Brent will notice and come over to me and just hold me for a minute and BAM... I'm relaxed. I think he is magical.

- Driving. At first I didn't like my 30 minute commute everyday, but now I have found it provides some much needed decompression.

- Cooking. Sometimes. I say sometimes because there are definitely days when a bowl of cereal is all I want to think about making...but most days I really enjoy the process of making meals.

- Drinking coffee. Enough said.

And there you have it folks: catharsis. Now, would you please use it in a sentence and give me an antonym? :)

** And I have hopes to blog about three things this weekend. [3 day weekend, I think I can do it!]


Kali said...

Laying at the beach with a good book and no time restraints is truly cathartic for me. The fact that I live in Tennessee is the antonym...

Sharon said...

I just want to know if the word of the day has ever been "irrigation"? I think you could even write a song about that word!