good morning day 3 of a 4 day weekend

Yep, you read correctly. School was canceled yet again yesterday. We have gotten around 5 inches (maybe 6 outside of the city), so, I will give them credit...it is a decent snowfall for Kentucky.

Before things get rolling today I wanted to post something again. A few reasons why: Because I can prolong taking off my pajamas. If I am still in my pjs I do not feel the pull to be productive near as much as when I am dressed for the day. Also, because I have been blog hopping this morning and reading other blogs always encourages me to write more, even if it seems mindless or pointless...because I usually like reading my friends mindless and pointless blogs.

Brent is currently still sleeping. This is a VERY RARE occurrence. I seriously do not remember the last time that he slept in longer than me. Good for you, Brent! He has today AND tomorrow off; truly a dream come true. It is another rare occurrence as of late that a Saturday and Sunday are both open for him. This is wonderful and was enough encouragement to go out last night. Unfortunately me, the budget nazi, ruined a few plans. Here was our conversation:

B: Let's go out to a movie. You need to get out of the house [to which I smelled my armpits...do I stink, or just have the look of some crazed person under house arrest?], and we haven't been on a date in a bit.
Budget Nazi: Sounds good. I balanced the check book today and we could do it. Let's look at see what movies there are.
[proceed to look up movies]

B: I think "Sherlock Holmes" looks good...maybe "Invictus..."
Budget Nazi: yeah...maybe...I don't know...
[realization of what is happening spreads over B's face. he knows what is next and begins trying a bit harder.]
B: Or that new one, "Leap Year," is coming out today. I know you like that actress and even though the previews and the fact that it's a romantic comedy totally give the plot away we could go see that?!
Budget Nazi: I don't know, I just think that if we're going to spend $20 on a movie that it should be a movie that we really want to see. I won't enjoy it if I spend that much and only kind of want to see it.
[B tries a bit further but knows that the Budget Nazi has firm convictions. He too knows that there isn't truly a movie worth seeing right now. Both sigh, and figure out something else to do].

We ended up renting LOST, the TV series. I have fallen in love with this show while in college, but Brent had never watched it enough to know what was going on. The final season is coming out in February so he thought it would be fun to watch the seasons again together so we could watch the final one together. What a romantic notion. And that fun will keep on going. Unlike going to a 2 hour movie. AND we can watch it from our own couch where the benefits are endless: we can control the volume, the temperature in which we watch, we can wear sweats and look like death, we can pause in order to make strawberry milk or chips and dip or broccoli or WHATEVER and it won't cost us $8, etc. etc. etc. Beautiful thing.

After the trip to our video store (the one that is cheaper that we like is about 10 minutes away. Family Video. There is a Blockbuster 2 blocks away but Budget Nazi rears her ugly head and we travel to Family Video for MUCH cheaper rentals AND, I think, friendlier service.), we headed to Graeters Ice Cream. I don't think that the midwest has Graeters, at least, I never grew up thinking that the midwest has Graeters. It is much like Baskin Robins, but slightly more expensive. Perfect. Fortunate for Brent and the Budget Nazi I had received a couple gift cards over Christmas for being a "Graet" teacher [I thought that was clever...]. We split [because despite the gift cards we couldn't get TOO crazy away from normal...and our winter figures were okay with splitting] a double scoop of Raspberry and chocolate [Oprah's favorite...which almost made me want to switch], in a chocolate dipped waffle cone. Delicious. [Blue Bunny you still hold my heart.]

So after warming up with that treat we headed back out into the snow, drove the block home, got comfortable and began the LOST marathon. We watched 6 episodes and realized we aren't in college anymore and neither are our body-clocks and at 12:30 called it a night. When Brent wakes up, we will begin again [at least, I'm hoping].

[I am too verbose. My college profs always told me this, and I know it's true. I mean, look how long it took me to tell you this: We were going to go see a movie but I didn't want to spend the money so we rented LOST, ate ice cream, and watched the show until 12:30. Seriously. I'm sorry.]

In other news: When in our living room I quite often here scratching in the roof. I always thought this was our neighbor's cats...however, she moved out 2 months ago. So, it is either ghost cats, or mice, or rats or birds or other things that I don't want in our ceiling. However, this is the beauty of renting I suppose.

And lastly:
I know I don't do a very good job when I say, "In the future I'm going to write about this," but, at the risk of not seeing it through, here are a few things I hope to write about soon:

- Hopes for 2010/ resolutions, if you will.
- Things that marriage has taught me [as we approach the end of year 2...what?!]
- Things that teaching has taught me [as I approach the end of year 2...what?!]

And just so you know...Brent is still asleep.


Roberta said...

I love Lost. and I love your writing. I hope your Lost marathon was able to continue and I enjoyed the long version of your tale. ;)

Ryan and Katie said...

We've been watching season 5 of Lost on Hulu.com. It's free and they have all the episodes! We had our son back in February, so after that we lost track of Lost and had no time to watch. Now we are catching up before February!!

By the way, my husband and I graduated from NWC between you and Kali. I found you through her blog. :)

Mose said...

So, I was just reading your blog in my parents' kitchen, and my mom came up behind me and saw what I was reading. It turns out that she links to your blog through my blog, and she loves it. She said you seem like a really cool person. :)

Kali said...

Just the fact that you wrote the phrase, "I'm too verbose" probably proves your point. Also, you said "I here scratching" instead of "hear". Don't you love it when people call you out on grammar mistakes? Fun post :) And good for Brent. And the Budget Nazi should give him a break every once in awhile.