resolution update

Last weekend I took the time to write about my resolutions for this year. My hope is, that I will occasionally update you on my progress, or failure. Since I'm just getting started I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my past week and see how I did.

1. [I want to get to know Jesus again]. This is obviously something that doesn't happen over night, but I am trying to be much more disciplined in this area. Last weekend I purchased a study companion [also helping with resolution number 7], and it is great. It has 4 different applications with every passage, following the Lectio Divina style of study: Read, Think, Pray, Live. It is phenomenal and very helpful. I also purchases a fresh new journal [one of my very favorite things], to reflect, pray, and "hold my thinking" [a teacher term I use with my students].

2. [Do something intentionally everyday to serve Brent]. I have followed through with this one almost everyday. There was a day or two when I made supper and did the dishes, which I don't necessarily consider "intentional." I'm still trying to be creative with this one so it isn't simply something that I would normally do for him. Today I am going grocery shopping, and although I got some flack for not liking pineapples, I will be getting one for him :).

3. [Stop thinking about where I want to be and live where I'm at]. This one was going to be the most challenging for me, because it would be easy to keep floating right on by. So, last Sunday, a day after writing my resolution post, Brent and I decided we were just going to dive in and join a small group. And dive in we did. We will now be co-leading a small group every Sunday night, and we were able to meet everyone last Sunday, and will be beginning tomorrow night. [Sometime I'll have to write about how they put together small groups because it is CRAZY]. We are really excited about this opportunity to get to know some more people here, and know that it is something we should have done a long time ago.

4. [Have written 500 posts when 2011 comes knockin']. I've been trying to be a little more consistent with posting, and have greatly appreciated the comments and responses I've gotten. I also changed my layout/background scheme because in the past sometimes these changes have inspired me to write more, or at least attempt to write more. We shall see.

5. [Go on a service or missions trip]. Nothing is in the works yet on this one.

6. [Complete p90X]. Again, nothing is in the works yet. However, we are planning on beginning in February.

7. [Be less of a budget nazi]. This one will take time, as well. I feel like I have been having a better mindset when it comes to spending, and last weekend I finally bit the bullet and we went and saw a movie in the theater [this was the first one we had paid for since our anniversary last June]. I also gave more than our tithe this month, as we were challenged my our church to give over and above for our Haiti relief fund. Small steps, my friends, small steps. [Sidenote: I was telling mom that, although sometimes I feel mixed emotions about attending such a MASSIVE church, it is incredible what they are able to do in a time of crisis like this. Last Sunday they announced that they had already donated 180,000 dollars to a group in Haiti. What a blessing to be so blessed that when the world needs us to be His hands, without hesitation, they are able to be so generous.]

So there you have it folks, my resolution update!

Also, please let me know what you think about the new layout. I had fun taking some new pictures until I took this one that I thought would work with the color scheme. :)

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