liza loves paper: A GIVEAWAY!

Don't these Giveaways just make your Monday a little brighter? 
And you guys, I'm SUPER pumped about sharing today's with you. Freshly Picked was kind of a fun deal, but the rest of the shops I'm doing giveaways for are my friends. And they are awesome people. And you will want to buy all their stuff. 

Today I want you to meet my friend, Liza. 

She has an awesome shop over at etsy: HERE: where she sells incredible prints and creations like this

and these

and one of my favorites, this

Liza went to the same college I went to, but I didn't know her then. [This is one of those cool, meandering stories…hang tight]. But in college I was great friends with a guy named Mark. Mark once put eye drops in my eyes for me because I [still] can't handle doing that myself, and he's that kind of nice guy. I still remember standing around campus one evening and asking Mark, "So what do you really want to do? What's your big dream?" His answer? "Be someone like the next James Dobson." I would have laughed at some people for that response, but I didn't laugh at Mark that night because he could totally do that.

Fast forward. A couple years after college Mark re-met Liza. First came love. Then came marriage. Then came two adorable babies. 

And then I stalked her blog because I wanted to see Mark's children and I learned she was pretty cool way cooler than I am. And then I took that bold step and commented on something so she knew I was lurking…and then she commented on mine. Then their was an Instagram romance. And she's amazing. AND THEN I FOUND OUT SHE IS FREAKIN' TALENTED, too!  

So I'm no longer friends with Mark. I'm friends with Liza. And you should be too.

Back to the goods. Her shop was born out of her love for design and her desire to make a few extra bucks while still being a stay at home mama. A shop I can definitely get behind! On top of that, you can tell just by glancing through her stuff that she loves Jesus. So I say it again: A shop I can definitely get behind! 

She sent me her newest listing-- a 2015 desk calendar-- and it's so cute. 

I love that each month is just slightly different, yet like all of her items are simple enough to be super classy and timeless. I was expecting to get the calendar and put it on my desk, but upon opening it I discovered it is too awesome to keep on my desk [in the cold mudroom], so it's in our living room. Yep, a desk calendar in our living room… it's that perfect. 

I love the simplicity of the lines in her designs. 

She also does custom work [look at all her name prints in her shop], and will work with you through the design process so you get the fonts and colors and looks you want.

I'm so glad Mark married this lady and brought her into my life, and that now I get to bring her into yours.

Liza is generously giving 15% off to my blog readers now through January 1st at her shop! Just use WORDSTHATSING15 as your coupon code!

AND she wants to give away a shop credit to one of my lucky readers!

Here are the details:
The winner will be able to choose something from her shop valued at $20 or less
Giveaway closes Thursday, November 27 at midnight
Winner will be announced on [Black] Friday!

To enter this giveaway you must
visit her etsy shop and leave a comment 
on this post [or the facebook/instagram link to this post] 
sharing which item is your favorite

For an additional entry go "like" her facebook page: here
[& let me know you "liked" it in your comment]. 

I would also highly recommend following her on Instagram, because her photos are beautiful and she gives you great tips like this envelope lining tip: 
yep, I told her it was genius, because it is. 

She also will let you know on her social media when she's having sales in her shop, and is known to have giveaways herself! 

 The reason I decided to do these giveaways and introduce you to some great shops is because I really think it is important to support smaller businesses around Christmas time. I think it's also important to support people that are kind, and generous, and doing good things. Liza is one of these people. So please consider shopping her business for a couple of the people on your list. I am! And let me tell you, the gifts I ordered from her are the gifts I am most excited to give!

And if you're like me, you hate getting off your couch to shop, let alone going out on Black Friday. So make a cup of coffee, click on the links I shared to her stuff…badda bing. badda boom.

Now go show Liza some love.

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Erika A said...

This stuff is really cute! I couldn't pick just one thing I liked because all the name ones are perfect- I would pick a different one for each kid. We put so much into our kids' names and what they mean is important to me. Thanks for doing another cool giveaway!

Mrs. White Writes said...

NWC! I love the pink leaf kids name meaning!

Brooke Estes said...

I'll try again. :) I love all the name meanings. I can't pick just one because they are all unique--like the names...which is why I like them. I also liked the fb page. (Hi Liza!)

As I stated in my disappearing original post, winner winner chicken dinner. Pick me, Kelsey! :)

*carrie* said...

Very cool! I think the adoption prints are really neat, and would maybe order one as a gift for some friends who just adopted. I also liked the Joshua 1:9 print--that's the fave verse of my college BF, so that would be a neat gift for her!

Heather Bilyeu said...

2015 calendar - desktop calendar with display case - simple, modern, script and i also liked her FB page :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, so as the others said, the names are super cool, and you can't just pick one becuase it would depend on the kid and the name for the style. I really want to order those for the kids, especially my "extra" who needs to feel special sometimes.

My other fav is the Happy Home one - it's super simple, but I really like that.

I also liked the facebook page too, by the way. And you know who this is...

Me (Nae)

Lyricality said...

I love the beamed, arrows, maps and anything talking about home! But I think my favorite is the map outline of the country! And I liked her fb page :) thanks for introducting is to her page!!

jodi said...

love love the calendar........
and i liked her fb page.

Brandie said...

I want the arrows and love the name pieces. Im already a fb fan and even have a custom print from her!

Kara K said...

So I know Liza (and am familiar with her many talents) and I know your sister Kali (and of her talents too) but I'm kind of the opposite stalker and don't know you! Hi from a fellow NWC-er! :) As a pregnant momma with just a couple days left, I would probably pick one of the custom name options! Fun!

Jillian said...

So cute! I really like her wall art with name meaning - the one with the elephant is adorable!

Jake and Audra said...

Love the arrows print! I also love that you are doing this to try to help small businesses! We shop small and local as much as possible and love it.