six months of Becks

Weight: 14.1 lbs

Clothes and Diapers: Still all over the place. Some 3-6 month [though snug], mainly 6 month, and a few 6-9 or 9 month, mainly because that's what size our warm clothes are. Size 2 diapers, though she is leaking through most nights so I bumped her up to size three at night. Also, can I just add how great hand-me-downs are? Not only because they are free, but because I love pulling them out and thinking about snuggling Caroline in the same outfit 5 years ago [though, let's be fair, the clothes were in a tad bit better shape back then].  

Eating: 4-5 times a day, AND we started cereal and some solids once or twice a day! She's not as great as Blythe was with a spoon [I don't think any baby ever has been or ever will be that great!], but she's doing pretty well. We no longer try to give her a bottle because apparently it is poison to her. For this reason I've started giving her a little water in a sippy cup when she eats her food, in the hopes that we can transition a little more easily when the time comes. 

Sleeping: She was all over the place this month, but probably because we were all over the place this month. However, her naps are starting to consistently stretch out!! [Do you hear the angel chorus singing?!] After traveling though she was up throughout night again a lot, and just recently is back to waking around 6… BUT no longer goes back to sleep like she used to. Boo :( . So to me, 6 AM is still the night. Come on, Becks! Because she's been waking up so early, she is taking a brief nap in the evenings still to make it to bed time. 

If you love these head bands as much as I do, stay tuned! I'm doing several giveaways this month and Cheryl

We thought for sure she'd be the good luck charm needed for the Royals to win the World Series, just like her daddy was in '85…SO close! 

Her cousin, Caroline, could not get enough of her: "She's SOOO cute!" 

First Halloween: 80's workout girls. It was too much good in one place. 

Terrible picture, but we got a new stroller and Blythe held her arm around her like this the entire first ride. 

lots of girl cousins on this side of the family 

first plane ride

accomplishments/ Things to note:

\ still isn't super into rolling over. she will sit for hours on her own though. I feel like I should be concerned that she doesn't want to roll over, but I'm not. 
\ because her cheeks are so big her default face is this super cute down turned mouth. 
\ she loves to grab anything in front of her and is pretty great at manipulating objects in her hands now. 
\ she had her first plane ride to Nashville to visit her cousins and she did AWESOME! Before we landed I stuck her back in the wrap because most babies fall asleep on the descent, and sure enough she did and stayed asleep until we got to our car. 
\ she can be in the middle of something or fussy and all you have to do is say, "Hey." or "Becks." and she just smiles with this little squeaky noise that let's you know she's so happy you noticed her 
\ have you heard "the screamers" fireworks? That is how Becks "talks." Brent thinks it is hilarious. I still haven't made up my mind about it. 
\ she finds Blythe to be more entertaining every day, and laughs at her so easily. Blythe loves it. 

this was actual halloween day…it was frigid, so you stayed in. 

Obligatory "we-went-to-a-pumpkin-patch-in-the-fall-and-here-is-our-picture-to-prove-it" picture 

with great grandma Ann

Becks, November is a month for gratitude and we are so grateful you are the fourth member of our family. So very grateful.
one month
three months

six months

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Hannah said...

Goodness sakes, she is adorable! I just want to squish her! I love everything about this post, the update, the pictures... the cuteness. And yes to hand me downs. It's always so fun getting a box full of clothes for your little ones!