A Good Friday Prayer

When my Grandma Schoon passed away, my mom got a few of her things and among them was a book of prayers. It is small, faded to a nearly indistinguishable shade of green. It has prayers for every day of the week, and for man different occasions and holidays.

The language is old, yet beautiful, and I will leave you with this prayer on this Good Friday.

O Lord Jesus Christ, Though Lamb of God, who didst bear the burden of our sins and wast obedient even to Thy bitter death upon the cross. We unite in ascribing unto Thee power, and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and blessing. We bless Thee for all Thy suffering, for Thy precious blood which Thou didst shed for us, for Thy words of consolation, and for Thy victory over the powers of darkness and errors of death.

O heavenly Father, who in The compassion towards us didst give Thine only begotten Son that we might be redeemed from our sin, grant that we may be partakers of His sufferings and His death, and may crucify the inclinations of the flesh, die daily unto the world and lead holy and unblamable lives, ever growing stronger in faith and love that we may attain unto the resurrection of the dead through Jesus once crucified and dead, but now our living and exalted Savior. 


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