blythe's birthday

First I have to share this:
I posted some of the pictures that Meagan took when I wrote THIS LETTER to Blythe on her birthday, but Meagan posted the rest of\ t]Hem ]]]]]]] [<< Blythe just helped me write that….] as I was saying, the oh-so-talented Meagan posted the rest of them on her blog, HERE! Go check them out and give Meagan some love and tell her how talented she is! 

When I started this blog I did so for several reasons. One was to have a place to WRITE. Another one was to document life. I've gotten behind on posting pictures and life happenings, so I want to do that. So here are the pictures from Blythe's birthday. 

I wanted to keep it simple, so I didn't really have a theme, just colors. Meagan helped me make some cute garland and poms, and my mom and Brent's mom and my Grandma pitched in on some food and waa-laa, a party was born. 

[THese aren't fantastic pictures…I didn't have time to mess with camera settings and the lighting was terrible. I apologize. ] 

The outfit and hat we brought Blythe home from the hospital in a year ago 


The birthday girl in her fancy schmancy new chair from
A little toilet paper wreath action 

Turquoise drink! So easy-- blue raspberry koolaid, sugar, and lemonade. 

I made a massive collage of pictures of Blythe that went from birth to one year. I had a lot of fun picking pictures. I hung it up in the kitchen for the party, and then moved it above her crib. 

On the day she was born it was a beautiful, green spring day. This is what we got hit with the day of her one year party! 

My big [little] one year old

Life is fun with her around

This is Ellie. She was not at the party, but this picture snuck into the party pictures so I thought I would share. 

DIdn't realize it was in black and white until I took it

I set out her baby book, my belly book I kept while pregnant, and the book of cards I made with all of the cards we received when she was born. 

I made a little "Hope Jar" for Blythe, and everyone wrote down a hope or prayer they have for her

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It was so nice to have grandparents and great grandparents and cousins at her party! I told my mom that this is the kind of stuff I thought about when we decided to move home. I have fond memories of family birthday parties :) 

Blythe whispered in my ear that she wanted an ice cream cake, so I of course had to oblige. Actually, Brent and I have always done ice cream cakes for each other because that is what we like…

But Blythe did get a little cupcake action. Brent and I weren't huge fans of the whole "smash cake", but everyone thought we should let her have something…so a cupcake it was [and lots of bites of everyone else's ice cream cake when she crawled over and begged, I'm sure]

She figured it out pretty quickly 

I wasn't going to give it all to her, but while I was cutting the cake, she somehow managed to get it all back on her tray…hmmm…softies

Everyone got their cameras out and she started cheesing it up! 

Papa thought they should go check out the snowfall outside. 

It was a great evening full of friends and family. We are blessed by all these people in our lives, and not Blythe gets to be too! 

For Easter we traveled to Oklahoma to be with Brent's brother's family…and his sister and her two boys…and his parents! We had a full house, but it was a wonderful weekend and I'll post pictures of that soon [hopefully…this one took me three days to finally get posted! Sheesh]. 
Try to get 6 kids, 11 and under,  to look in the right direction

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*carrie* said...

Just starting to get caught up on blogs after our trip.

Super cute party--and birthday girl! Love the cupcake pix. Where is her chair from? That part got cut off.

Wanted to tell you I just this morning that your Swagbucks sign-up did come through on mine. Thanks!