My dad is a unique character. If any of you know him, you know this statement is true. But one thing that makes him even more unique? He is surrounded by girls! 

If you don't believe me, continue reading: 

In 1984 my mom and dad welcomed my older sister, Kali Shannon, into this world. 
Shortly after, in 1986, they welcomed me: Kelsey Lynae. 
Probably around 1988…but my thumb is in 2013, please don't mind it
Since that time, my dad was forced to be around dresses, ponytails, baby dolls, and curly hair. Not to mention lots and lots of talking… and questions…and wondering…and stories…and more talking. Girls like to talk. 

In the strawberry patch with Grandpa A.J.
Girls meant tiarras and bows and frills. 

But my dad soon figured out, it could also mean other things: like hunting, and sports, and dirt, and exploring, and bugs. 
With my bug catcher…even though it was pink. 
Kali digging for worms
Can't you just tell I was an outdoors woman? 

Exploring with Dad and Grandpa. Holy head of hair. And check out the wash on my dad's jeans!
When anyone would "feel sorry" for my dad at his plight of having no boys, he would respond:
"The only thing better than having one girl is having TWO girls."

And then, in case he hadn't had enough dress up and tea parties to attend, my mom started in home daycare. Little did we know this would actually mean we were extending our family, but soon it grew by two more girls:
Paige and Torri probably around '98?
This gave Dad the opportunity to recruit more couch-cushion hunters, more backyard Davy Crockets, but also surrounded him with more pigtails and prom dresses:
The girls continued to grow, but still had a connection with "Buddy" [as they always called him], and after Kali and I left for college he still would get up early and head over to their house to take one of his infamous "first day of school" pictures. 

I forgot to rotate this but…Paige with her first deer. Made "Buddy" proud

Prom 2011

Dad got to go to more softball games, more basketball games, and find camo to fit two more girls. He also had to watch as two little girls grew into two beautiful young women and become surrounded by a little more makeup and high heels.
And then…

My sister became pregnant. We all anticipated the day she would find out the sex, most of us not so secretly hoping we could add another girl to the ranks. 

And then we got the picture of Kali holding up a pink onesie, proclaiming that more high pitched giggles were in our future. 

My dad could not have been happier. 

We welcomed our sweet, smart, and spit-firing Caroline in 2009.

Covered in pink, with a necklace around her neck, her Papa still made sure she understood the ways of the woods-- fire 101. 
Another pregnancy, another wait to find out the sex, and another phone call from my sister informing us that Caroline would be having a sister! 

We welcomed our boisterous, adventerous, and fun-loving Ellie Kate in 2011. 

It didn't take long for Ellie to be inundated with all things girl, because that is what we do best in our family: 
Having some tea during her first week of life
But like always, Papa knew just how to handle another girl in our family. He had the tea party with them, and then he plopped them in a clothes basket and began telling them the story of Lewis and Clark canoeing up the river. He gave Caroline a wooden spoon as a paddle, and off they went.
Of course, a pink sparkly My Little Pony also had to join them on the journey. 
Ellie learning about fire. 

And then it was my turn to spin the gender wheel.

And wouldn't you know, it landed on GIRL! Dad nearly tackled me in a fit of excitement when we told him the news, barely containing his tears of happiness. 

And so we welcomed another tiny pink bundle, and our inquisitive, dainty, and joyful Blythe Kathleen joined us in 2012. 

Papa thought he could just stick her in his pocket when he went to go cut wood one day, but I wouldn't let him. 
Before she was even a month old, she got to get all dolled up for Torri's prom
And before we knew it, Papa was schooling Blythe as well. 
And so it came to be that my dad, who raised two girls, then was blessed to get to peripherally "raise" two more, became the grandfather of not one, but THREE, girls. 
Caroline, Ellie, Blythe
He is, at times, requested to appear at balls and play school, or have his hair done in clips and bows. Tutus often surround him. 

He has been baked lots of treats, that he has learned to eat with slurpy sounds and a pointed pinky. He is serenaded by high pitched voices, and greeted with painted fingernails. 

The other day when my sister was here, my dad started rubbing his eye. He had Ellie on his hip, and was leaning over a crafting Caroline. 

That's when we realized: he had a piece of glitter not only in his eye, but some in his hair, and more sprinkled in his mug of tea. 

If ever there was a man built to be surrounded by girls, it is my dad. 


*carrie* said...

Great pix, Kelsey!

My dad had two girls, and his first two grandkids were girls. Nathan broke the mold--in more ways than one! =)

Kyle said...

Loved that one. It was almost like reading a bedtime or nap time story for, well, one of my girls,


Kali said...

Hold your breath Dad...we'll find out next week if grandbaby #4 will continue our grand tradition or finally break the mold!

Kali said...

And great post, Kels! You should add this to the "best of" category for sure.

momiss said...

LOVED this! When my daughter Mackenzie was 5 and informed of having two baby brothers (plus one older brother) she got very serious, and explained to her grandmother "but my mommy wanted at least one girl".... It took her a while to get over it but she didn't seem to hold it against them. At least when they were babies. LOL

jenny said...

I was just going to ask when Dan and Kali are finding out the sex of their next baby! Can't wait to hear their news... :-)

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO how I love this one! I too come from a family of girls...4 of us, no boys. People have told my dad,"Boy, I bet you wish you had son to pass your business down to." His response? "I wouldn't trade a single one for a single son. My girls are my everything." You have beautifully captured the special love between a man and his girls. xoxo Trish Sandbulte