Okay, is it just me or is anyone else slightly obsessed with the chevron pattern right now? I know it's all over Pinterest [I still hate that word], so it must be a "thing", but since I don't really keep up with most "things" I don't know.

But seriously. I want everything in chevron right now [but haven't bought a single thing in chevron…?].

For example I just told mom yesterday that for the baby quilt she is going to make Blythe I want something like this:

Someone please tell me that those are not awesome? And quilters of the world wide internet, this shouldn't be too difficult a pattern, right?

I also just sent Brent and my parents a link to this bag/diaper bag because I think it would make an awesome Birthday/mother's day present:

I mean, come one?! Adorable. Even when I don't have to carry around diapers anymore, think how many BOOKS this bag could hold?! I could disappear into a coffee shop for DAYS with that loot!! Here is the Etsy Link for this bag if you love it too [or know when my birthday is ;)]-- lots of colors and a few variations.

And if you think I just like the gray and white chevron pattern, you would be wrong. I am thinking that for my next kiddo [patience, grasshoppers, it may be awhile], these nurseries that include chevron are also pretty fantastic!

Okay…so this one is gray and white again but with yellow?! Hello, adorable.

The ruffles? I would sleep in this crib! 

I am planning and plotting and saving and saving pennies to repaint/redo our living room [the guacamole green I chose just three years ago isn't cutting it for me anymore], and I would LOVE to have a little chevron action happen in there. Brent though, always the wise one that likes to hold my trigger finger before I get too crazy, has pointed out that usually my taste in bold patterns change within a year or two…or a month or two…or a week or two…so that I should maybe just stick with something a little more basic this time around. So I've settled for a little less chevron [I guess I won't PAINT A HUGE CHEVRON PATTERN ON THE ACCENT WALL!] but I may not be able to help it…I may have to throw in one of these here and there if I can find some on sale! :)

Have a good day…and may you now dream of chevron as much as I have been ;)


Hannah said...

I love those quilts, maybe in all of my free time I will try and make one for me! :) also, I love that diaper bag, I would use it without diapers too, it's just so cute and perfect! I hope you get it.

*carrie* said...

You are so funny. I honestly don't see what the big deal is. Not my fave--but glad you like it. =)

momiss said...

The quilts are cute but the curtains make me dizzy. I think, being as far below the age of 40 as you are, this may be only me, though. But it really doesn't matter what anybody else thinks. If you like it, go for it. :)

Jillian said...

Hey Kelsey! We are beginning our nursery and I too have become obsessed with chevron! I actually love those quilts, especially the one with the polkadots on the reverse side! Hope you all are doing well!