picture update [10 & 11 months of Blythe]

Blythe just turned 11 months old. Holy cow-a-ca-moly as one of my friends from high school used to say. I've done a decent job of getting pictures posted of her every month, but this post is just going to be more of a catch all, I'm afraid. 

In the past two months she has begun crawling and pulling up and cruising and everything short of walking. She has been SO MUCH FUN. She loves to sing songs with me, and tries the actions. She will play peek-a-boo by putting her hands on her forehead and saying "boo!" She loves to look at books, especially with Daddy. She knows what the elephant, lion, and monkey say, though won't always do it when I want her to preform :).  She dances anytime there is anything that sounds remotely like music, and still sleeps like an all-star. 

She is wonderful in every way. Here are some pictures from the last two months. 

She celebrated her first Valentine's day [by making the elephant sound, apparently]

Blythe and I got Brent this special edition Shatto milk for Vday. He LOVED it. [Chocolate Cherry] 
B spent Valentine's day with Nini Joan, and came home with this special handprint cookie she had made Mommy and Daddy :) 
She's figured out that I keep her Puff snacks in her diaper bag. Often her diaper bag is sitting by the door. If I leave the room for a second she beelines for it and finds her snacks. 

We've also gone to a lot of basketball games to watch Torri play
And we got to see Torri win DISTRICTS AND SECTIONALS! She made it all the way to the state quarterfinals. We were so proud of her. 

And on one of our quick trips, Blythe and Naomi finally got to meet when we stopped to visit my friends from college, Eric and Carrie. It's always a treat to see them, and it was even more fun this time to watch B and N crawl all around together. 

She also discovered my gum one day. Luckily she's pretty good about not putting things in her mouth right away. 
This was one of her favorite faces for awhile 

And in January, Blythe got to welcome her newest cousin, George Auburn! Fun times ahead for these two. 

She's spent lots of good time at Nana and Papa's
And like all kids that have gone before her, has become quite smitten with Papa. And just this past week she has started saying "papapapapapapapa" My dad couldn't be happier. 

She has done a little work, also. Here is being Elementary Principal for the day. 
Now that she is so mobile and active, we never quite know how we'll find her in the crib! 

We have also spent some afternoons visiting Great Nini Pat…and great she is. 

And we've worn lots of cardigans and sweaters

We like to Skype with the cousins every once in awhile too. Caroline loves to see what new tricks baby Blythe has learned. 

Blythe still LOVES her baths. Brent almost always gives her her baths-- they have so much fun together and I love listening to her giggle at him during this time. 

Into everything now. 
Blythe also got to go on a day out with her pal Westen. These two are 2 and half months apart and fun together. We went shopping and...
Out to eat at OLIVE GARDEN, of course! Westen's mom likes Olive Garden as much as I do…which is A LOT A LOT A LOT [if you haven't been recently go now and try their CHICKEN SCAMPI special.] 
It's impossible to eat anything around her anymore…she wants it!! 

She is such a sweet, sweet light in our lives. So happy and content. Can't wait to celebrate her big FIRST BIRTHDAY soon. So thankful for the year the Lord has blessed us with with her. 

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*carrie* said...

What a fun set of pix--thanks for including us!

Love the one of B laying on the floor "reading" a book.