snow fun

We've had some pretty good blasts of snow in the past couple of weeks. It has been a lot of fun so see the inches pile up to feet. I know a lot of people find snow annoying, and it makes a lot more work for a lot of people, but I think there is something about the snow that is magical. It is also welcomed moisture for our very parched ground.

When I was a kid I LOVED a good snow. Sometimes it meant a SNOW DAY- NO SCHOOL! - HOORAY!, other times it just meant that the world looked a little less icky and a little more beautiful. I loved the look of our backyard with no tracks, but I couldn't help myself for long and soon ventured out and played "my-family-is-starving-in-this-frozen-tundra-I-must-HUNT-and-provide-them-with-food." Isn't that what you all played?

So I couldn't help but wanted to get back out this time around. We haven't had a snow this perfect in awhile.

One night after we put Blythe to bed, we slapped on a few layers, propped the monitor on the window sill, and Brent and I headed out to romp around for a bit.

 And by romp, I of course meant "build-an-awesome-fort!"

We "played" for over two hours and had so much fun. 

THEN… Kali came to visit and we had to get those Tennessee girls out in the snow! Caroline thought it was so smooth, and she wanted to sled and build a "gimantic" snow man. So we enlisted the help of Paige and Torri and were back at it. 

We let Blythe experience it for just a little bit, but she's had a touch of a cold so after ten minutes she was sent inside. At first she didn't know what to make of being pulled around in the sled, but eventually she started giggling about it.

These three make quite the group! 

We managed to build another fort and a gimantic snowman. 

We capped off the day with mugs of hot chocolate, and very tired girls. 

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*carrie* said...

Oh, you kids. =)

Love that pic of the 3 girls on the sled! We have a similar one of Nathan sledding at age 1 with 2 of his (girl) cousins-- except he's screaming! (Typical, typical!)

Funny--my word verification is "Madmen"--read into that what you will!