baby bump: week 40

 dear blythe,

you're here! you're here! it's our last bump picture with you really in it, on the outside. i knew this day was coming and yet it always seemed far away-- i'm so thankful you decided to make your appearance a bit early. i was actually at the end of my 39th week when you decided to show up. and show up you did in a rather speedy fashion. you didn't leave time for your dad or me to even think about what was happening…you just came. it was perfect, and scary, and beautiful, and unbelievable and left me in a little bit of shock. and then i got to hold you. oh blythe, in that moment it scared me a little how much i love you.

i've only cried twice since you were born, which is actually a bit surprising. however, as i'm typing this letter to you and looking at you sleep beside me, i am so overwhelmed at how perfect the end of this journey to YOU is. you are so tiny and so dependent on me for everything, but right now i wouldn't have it any other way. 

sometimes when we're up late at night during a feeding i don't rush right back to bed when you finish-- instead i just hold you and look at you and kiss your lips and thank god again that you are mine. 

so far you have had a pretty mild temperament. you tend to squeak when you're mad/need something instead of all out cry. you love to be swaddled and you love resting your head on daddy's neck while he sings to you. 

you are already so loved and have had many, many visitors. your nana stayed with daddy and me for the first while to make sure we were on our feet. she cooked lots of yummy food and did lots of laundry and made sure that i was resting and taking care of myself so that i would have a fast recovery and could take care of fully. and your dad, well, he has been a rockstar. i asked him what his favorite part of having you around has been so far and he said being up with you in the middle of the night and singing you back to sleep. watching him fall in love with you has been so amazing. 

spring is all around, and every time i see a new flower bloom i think of the new life god has granted us in you. it feels huge and daunting at times to think about the responsibility, but also exciting and wonderful. 

i love all 6 and 1/2 pounds of you, my sweet blythe kathleen, more than i can ever put into words. 



Ana-Lou said...

she is absolutely BLESSED with you and Brenters, Kelsey! May the three of your soak up every season of her precious life to the fullest.

Love Always,
Our Family the K's!

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Kyle said...

A pretty nice little bump for sure.