baby bump: week 35

dear baby,

hey there little one. it's getting so close to the time we get to meet face to face, but for now i'm thankful that you're still squirming around inside. i know you are safe and i still relish your secret stretches, hiccups, and kicks…though they are much more noticeable on the outside too!

your mama here got a cold this week. it's the first time i've really been "sick" since you came along, and i didn't want to take any medicine that would be bad for you. my doctor said you'd be okay so i took some cold medicine, but have felt pretty puny all week. hopefully the extra rest and fluids i got this week will be good for you though.

we also had our first shower this week! super exciting. you are already so loved and blessed by some wonderful people. i can't wait for you to meet all of them and let them teach you alongside your dad and me. your cousin, ellie, even got to make her first trip on an airplane to come for the shower. one neat thing at this shower was that everyone got you a book to read. your mama is a big fan of reading, so i'm really excited to plop you on my lap and turn pages and pages of books. one of the wonderful ladies at the shower put a quote from emilie buchwald on the book she gave us that says, "children become readers on the laps of their parents." i hope this is true for you and i hope you find just as much joy and adventure in reading as i have.

your dad and i went to our last pre-natal class at the hospital this week, too. i guess that means they've told us as much as they can and the rest we just have to learn by experience. we can't wait to be your parents, and are so thankful the lord has chosen us for such a task.

stay safe and warm, sweet daughter, and keep growing. we will meet when you are full and ready.

love, mom

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