my ellie girl

I feel like my dear, sweet, plump Ellie has not gotten the attention from this blog she deserves. Kali flew back for my shower last weekend and brought Ellie. Oh man, this girl is awesome.


time with Papa AJ


really wanted to get Brent's ring

now those are baby blues

she loves hanging out with Uncle B. literally.

oh that crazy Papa. I believe he was showing her how turkeys roost.

there is a reason for those cheeks…she loves to eat

I believe she is saying, "Hey Aunt Kels, stop taking pictures and have that baby already! I wanna play with my cousin!"


Kali said...

These are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them. I'll bring a disc along next time and burn them for myself. Also we should skype soon so ellie can see you guys again!

Amanda said...

Her cheeks are so squishable :) I got your comments! I had to turn moderation on because of some spam issues, so it looks like it goes away, but it just goes to my email to approve :)