baby bump: week 38

dear baby,
i feel like i've been saying this for awhile now, but we are so very close. my doctor said it really could be any day, and i do kind of feel like a ticking time bomb! your due date is next week, so we'll see if you are timely or a little late like your mama always tends to be :). 

this week i was thinking about your heritage. because the weather has been nicer, i finally got to wear a more "summery" top that your aunt kali passed down to me. when i was wearing it i remembered a picture i have of her in the very same shirt when she was pregnant with caroline: your great grandma sch. is reaching over and feeling your cousin kick. caroline was one of the last great grandchildren that she got to meet. so i started thinking about the generations you are descending from. and every where i look i realize how blessed you are. all of your grandparents and great grandparents love jesus, and have raised their families and fed their marriages in beautiful ways. i can't wait for you to get to know the ones that are still living, and hear stories about your two great grandpa's and your great grandma that have passed away. 

speaking of heritage, your dad has been amazing lately. he is so, so excited to meet you. once you get to know him this won't be surprising to you, but he has been so good to your mama while you have been growing in me. he is always willing to help out, or rub my back, or do the dishes, or...anything he thinks may make your life and my life a little better. you will be so lucky to call him dad. 

and i guess it's time you should know, but your dad and i decided that i am going to stay home with you when you get here! we looked at several different options, and talked and prayed a lot of things over, but nothing else felt right in my heart. i can't wait to spend my days getting to know you, to play with you, and to teach you. 

i love you, little one, and very soon i will get to tell you that while looking in your eyes.

love, mom


Anonymous said...

What a treasure these words will be to your daughter someday. She is one blessed little girl! You look beautiful! Something special about a happy pregnant woman:)

Love you, Kelsey!

Aunt Lois

Lyricality said...

So excited to hear she's on her way! also Excited to know her name! :) I love your ribbon/clip holder you have on the wall. adorable. I'm praying she's just like her mom :) (having a little brent wouldn't be bad though ;)

Kali said...

I cherish that photo you're talking about for exactly the same reasons.