baby bump: week 37

dear baby,
we are so very close to meeting. i have all of your clothes washed and ready, your stroller and carseat are set up, your bedding is fresh and clean, and your diapers have been stacked with care. now all i'm missing is a little someone that goes with all of that stuff! everyone is so ready to meet you. though i'm ready, i know you'll come when YOU are ready and that is what is most important so just do your thing, girl.

we had two more showers this week. your aunts and grandma i threw a wonderful shower on sunday and once again we were abundantly blessed. then my coworkers threw us another shower, and let me tell ya, i work with some awesome people [who are also very excited to meet you]. i hope when you grow up you get to experience working at a job that you love with people that support you like i have been able to do. 

the weather here has been awesome. this has been a very strange "winter" because we haven't really had winter. i hope that this hangs on so that when you come we can sit on the front porch and rock, and so we can fit in a lot of nice walks together. 

are you going to miss being in there, little one? because i'm going to miss being connected to you. even though i've had some aches and pains along this journey, i have truly loved being the place for you to grow...from the very beginning...i have loved it.

we'll see each other soon. 
love, mom

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