baby bump: week 36

dear baby,

i know a lot of ladies at this point in their pregnancy will do just about anything to go into labor to meet their little bundle. please know i am SO ready to get to know you and find out all about you, but i also am relishing these last few weeks of carrying you so close to me. never again will i get to have you this near and well protected, and i know once you're in my arms i'll think back to this time so fondly. also your dad and i are soaking up our last little bit of time to just be the two of us. we know you're going to add to our family in ways we can't even yet dream, but we also know that loving each other is one of the very best ways to provide security and love for you.

i went a little spastic this week wanting to get everything just right for you. i did all your laundry and i think it was honestly the first time i've ever enjoyed that process. everything was so tiny and perfect. soon enough i know it will all be poop-covered, but i hope i can still be thankful. i also organized and tidied up your room. i even opened a package of diapers and got
them all ready to go for your sweet little tooshi. your dad helped me put together your stroller and car seat too, and we set up the bassinet in our bed room for those first couple of weeks when you just need to be close to us.

i'm feeling larger and larger by the day, but i know this means you are growing healthier and stronger each moment. my doctor actually said i'm already dilated a little bit, so your arrival is getting nearer and nearer! i'm still having a hard time putting on socks and shoes, but i just see it as all a part of this wonderful process. i'm beginning to figure out exactly what parts of you are protruding from where, and it is funny to look down and see a very lopsided belly at times.

my students have been sweet to us as i've gotten progressively larger. they don't like when i have to bend over for something and always rush to my assistance. i did have the discussion with them this week about what will happen if i begin labor or my water breaks during class. i think a lot of them have seen too many movies and think that it means you'll be here within minutes. i reassured them this was not the case. they are all still bugging me to tell them your name, and i just let them know that it is a special one just for you and they'll find out when you're here.

one other exciting thing this week: your "aunt" torri won her second district championship. your mama yelled and cheered loudly at the game, and you stayed pretty calm. i think you were wondering what in the world was happening! afterwards torri patted you and said, "aww, her first title!" it was a fun night.

it's crazy to know it is now march, the month of your due date. the time as gone by so quickly and i have tried to cherish each new moment with you. stay close, sweet one.

love, mom

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Anna Mae said...

You are beyond adorable! :) do cherish this time with your hubby... Things will never be the exact same, but more blessings are to be added as well! Praying for your health and complete happiness as this season of motherhood ends! <3