"Stats" post #2

I thought it was high time I write another little update on my pregnancy via a stats post. [Also, any linguists out there who know where the phrase "high time" originated? For some reason that just struck me as interesting and I would like to know...] Okay...stats....

Click HERE for the first one I wrote back in October to see how things have changed.

cravings: again, I haven't been craving too much or anything out of the ordinary. Sometimes my eye is bigger than my stomach [but don't we all have this problem]. I have noticed that I have to eat my meals a bit slower than normal, because otherwise I get heartburn more easily or I have that uncomfortable "stuffed" feeling much easier than normal. I have noticed I get hungry before lunch and before supper, but a little snack usually helps :)

weight gain:
Don't expect me to tell you about this after this is all said and done. I've actually gained more weight than I wanted to at this point, but to be honest, I haven't done anything that would make me NOT gain weight. At my last appointment I was just under having gained 20 pounds. My doctor said that is still really good and puts me on track for gaining around 30-35 total. I wanted to gain about 25-30 total, but ya live ya learn! Speaking of weight, I'm starting to think about an ideal weight I would like my daughter to be when she is born. I've decided about 6 lbs 5 ounces would be healthy yet little :-). And I have control over that, right?

My students provide excellent stuff for this section. Just yesterday this was a conversation in one of my classes when I walked in by three different MALE students, who were clearly sucking up: "Mrs. I, you look dashing today." [Yes, he really said "dashing"]. Student 2 chimed in, "Yeah...I mean, I can't even tell you're pregnant." Student three, "WHAT?! You're pregnant. Noooo way." I rolled my eyes and we all laughed. Other than that, some people are saying, "You finally look pregnant!" [Others have informed me I look larger in person than I do in the pictures I post on here]. Yet some, I don't know if they're just being kind, tell me I still look small for 29 weeks.

I guess I haven't written anything about this yet: I failed my first glucose screening [where they test for blood sugar to determine gestational diabetes]. This meant I had to return for a second, more intensive test. My doctor informed me that only 15% of women that come back for the second test actually have it. However, I had to fast for 8 hours, drink MORE of the wonderful, sugary drink [which does NOT sit well on an empty stomach if you're wondering] and then have my blood taken every hour. I was stuck a total of 4 times, 5 if you count the finger prick. I am still waiting on the results, and should know Thursday sometime. I really do not want to have gestational diabetes...obviously... but I have come to the realization that if I do then I need to know so I can do what is best for baby and me. It is something that goes away when the pregnancy is over also, and I know I can do anything for 2 1/2 months. So, right now that is the biggest thing I am concerned about. I also have been thinking worst-case-scenario about things with Brent. Let me explain: He played in an alumni tournament last weekend and I was concerned that he would have a major injury that caused him permanent amnesia and he wouldn't know who I was and therefore wouldn't know he was about to be a father. I also make up wild scenarios about car wrecks etc. Irrational scenarios really. But mainly the diabetes thing.

general mood:
I feel pretty great. I, so far, have loved being pregnant. I love carrying around my little babe everywhere I go. I love the excitement others share with me. I love letting this experience show me how big our God really is. So...yeah...overall...pretty great. Unless I'm tired...then I get a bit crab-tastic.

things i have been surprised by:
I am still surprised by how interested my students have been. I've also been surprised that I haven't gotten stretch marks. I've been surprised that I haven't craved anything. I also am surprised that I haven't freaked out about not having the nursery completely ready yet...as in not really ready at all. But I know it will all get done. I haven't been surprised by the support everyone has shown me though. We are truly surrounded by wonderful people.

things i'm most looking forward to:
I don't really think this has changed since my first post in October, but the longings have become even more intense to fall in love and get to know this little girl. I am really looking forward to seeing what she looks like and getting to know her personality. And I am REALLY looking forward to watching Brent get to know her too.

what i think is really cool and crazy:
Her kicks are incredible. I had thought about what they would feel like at this point, but it is really incredible to know that that is MY daughter moving around in there. I also think that how my body is changing is cool...and crazy. That women are capable of doing this incredible thing is AMAZING.

things i'm doing to prepare right now:
I finished our registry at Target and Amazon.com. Kali helped me a lot with that over Christmas. I also was finally able to go pick out fabric for the bedding and curtains that my very talented Grandma is going to make. I'm starting to call pediatricians and Brent and I are signing up for birthing classes. I'm talking to other moms about what they did to prepare for actual delivery. I am continue to journal and write through the process. And continuing to pray for our daughter.

There you have it...an update! 11 weeks left. Crazy.


Nikki Osborn/Spotanski said...

Sounds like the pregnancy is going really great for you! Try not to worry about the glucose testing too much, as I failed the first test but passed the second with flying colors :) Sending prayers for you all!
Nikki Spotanski/Osborn

ashley putnam said...

1. I am no linguist, but I am the proud holder of useless knowledge. "High time" is yet another phrase from Shakespeare...I can't remember what work right now...but anyway, it referred to it being noon & therefore time to...do something. Lol, again, can't remember details. But that's it-noon, as in the TIME when the sun is HIGH.
2. Good to know I'm not the only one who imagines my husband getting into a horrid accident. It doesn't get better after a tiny human makes their appearance!
3. If you're interested in references, Karl Kosse is a great pediatrician. He used to be part of heartlands pediatric group, but now he has a private practice.

Jenny (Swope) Russell said...

Just to give you a little reassurance . . . I failed the first glucose screening with both of my kids and passed the second one with ease! :D

By the way you look absolutely adorable as a mommy-to-be!!

My son's birthday is March 18th, so I was right where you are at this point last year!

*carrie* said...

Hey, Kelsey. I am of course tracking your pregnancy with increased interest since we're on a similar timeline.

As for the weight, I think we have little control over that. I gained almost the exact same amount the first two times, even though I ate way more with Nathan and was probably more active with Natalie. I'm expecting the total to be higher this time around since I have been put on an exercise restriction. =(

As for the baby's weight, we were all floored when Nathan came out at 8.10, and he wasn't even late. What a big kid--remember?! Natalie was 7.8.