baby bump: 29 weeks

week 18 bump
week 29 bump
hello, belly!
week 18 bump
dear baby,
boy have we come a long way together! just look at how you've made me grow and stretch…which means you are turning into quite the little human. you love to roll around; actually, i think you roll more than you kick. i'm starting to feel you on both sides of my belly, and in those moments i am just amazed at how big you are! i don't even know what i'll think when you're born and i get to hold POUNDS of you in my arms.

this sunday during the opening prayer at church i felt what i know for sure were your little hiccups. i couldn't help but smiling right there in the pew, as it just made you even more real to me.

i'm starting to have a few more "discomforts" that just come with the territory of being pregnant, but i still love it. i mean that, baby girl, i LOVE carrying you around with me. even if it means a slight waddle. even if it means i lost my very flat abs. even if it means spending much of my day in the bathroom. i LOVE it. all of it. because it means YOU.

i'm very ready to meet you, but i think i'll miss having you so close to me all the time.

love, mom

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hna1993 said...

Hello! I am currently 29 weeks! I am still small about the size you were at 29 weeks. i get comments all the time from people saying im to small. any suggestions on how to handle that. did you ever have to deal with anything like that?