baby bump: 28 weeks

dear baby,
i think that your mama looks extremely tired in the above picture. that's because it is a lot of work for my body to make you, but i also am daily amazed at the process God has chosen for you and me to go through together. besides looking tired though, i love the picture. i received a sweet card from a previous coworker that had a drawing of a pregnant woman with the saying, "she had never considered herself exactly perfect until right now." and in so many ways, sweet daughter, that is exactly how i feel when i look at these pictures. someday you will understand. [and besides, i think the black is very slimming for you and me].

your dad has rolled over several times in the morning and, without waking me because he knows better than that silliness [you'll learn], has placed his hand on my belly. you always-always-respond with a kick or punch or squirm, as if you know he's checking on you. man you're a smart cookie.

speaking of cookies…we passed our glucose test! i was a little worried because i had to go back for the second round, but we're fine. to celebrate the good results we had some oreo cookies, your favorite!

one final thing you should know this week: your great grandma ann and i went to the fabric store and picked out everything we/she needs to make your bedding and curtains. you're gonna be stylin', girl! your great grandma is one talented woman.

stay perky in there, little one. i love you.

love, mom

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momiss said...

In the second picture I looked at your hand and suddenly remembered how weird it is when you can't find your hips anymore. lol You look great and what is that craziness about "slimming"??? Enjoy it while you can, it really doesn't last that long but you don't realize it until it's over.