baby bump: 27 weeks

[Last week's bump]

dear baby,

hey sister! i think you're liking it in there because you are making yourself quite comfortable. i am starting to be able to feel what i think are certain parts of you, which is really neat.

we celebrated new years this week in style…okay, not really--mama was wearing sweats and lounged on the couch all night, but we were with some really great people. you also got to meet your dad's whole side of the family and they are already pretty nuts about you. you even kicked around so most of them had a chance to meet you.

your aunt kali helped me finish up your baby registry. she is already a great mom and knows just what you and i will need…but don't worry, i put some fun stuff on there too for you to play with. i'm hoping to really get started on your room soon, but like i said, i'm hoping you're pretty content in there for a couple more months!

i still can't help dreaming of what our days will be like together in less than 13 weeks. will you be a snuggler? a cryer? a feisty one? an explosive pooper? :) only time will tell. you're still making your mama tired, but it is worth it all to know you're growing and developing.

love, mom

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Joan said...

Thank you baby girl for saying hi grandma over Christmas, can't wait to meet you lips to cheek.