baby bump: week 30

dear baby,

ten more weeks! where has the time gone?! just yesterday, it seems, i was walking around carrying this secret little peanut inside of me. we had another good doctor's appointment this week. i got to hear your heart beat again and, as always, it sounds like the color of beauty to me. my doctor also told me i've gained about 23 pounds since you came along last july. you're about 3 pounds now so... don't do that math :)

and the big news this week is that we got your crib set up! grandma ann and grandpa aj worked so hard and lovingly to revamp my old crib, and it looks like new. i hope you sleep better than i did in that thing when i was a wee one. grandma ann made some really beautiful bedding, and we all think you'll look like a dream laying in there.

your hiccups are more frequent now, and this has given me the hint that your head is in my lower left section. this means that your feet have been the culprits of the jabs in my rib cage on my upper right. you're so big! just last night your dad and i were discussing this... and then we both realized that you are most likely going to DOUBLE in size over the next two months. but i've always been a fan of things when they're doubled: like double-stuffed oreos, double bacon cheeseburgers, double cheese on pizza... :) so i think i will like you just fine doubled up too!

i wonder if you get sick of hearing me talk ALLdayLONG, because i know my students are tired of my voice after an hour. i also wonder if you're really comfortable in there, or if you are starting to feel smooshed. i wonder about a lot of things these days. i feel like 10 weeks is a good amount of time for me to process things before you make your big debut. however, i know it will go quickly. but i'm okay with that too because i'm ready to meet your little self.

love, mom

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