students' responses to poetry

As we are wrapping up the poetry unit, I had my students write a reflection asking them to let me know how their view of poetry has changed etc. Here are a few responses that make me happy :)

I really liked doing this poetry section! Before this class the only poetry I wrote had rhythm and rhyme because I had very little knowledge about any other poetry aspect.

I enjoyed poetry before, but I want to write a thousand new poems now! Each day I became more and more fascinated with poetry. And I burn to write more each day. I found myself wanting to write more than I planned on writing. I couldn't stop my brain!

My view of poetry has changed a lot. I used to think it was easy and dumb, but I found out it's fun and hard. [
well said ;)]

I realized that poetry is like music.

One of my favorites : I still don't like poetry, but it isn't as bad as it used to be.

The more we write in class the more I want to write out of it.

It can release strong emotion or just help release overwhelming stress and pressure that builds up daily even though we fight to suppress emotions that scare or disturb us.

Haikus are by far my favorite because they are very short. :)

Poetry is beginning to grow on me.

My point of view of poetry has changed for the better. I like writing poetry because grammar and spelling aren't as important. My favorite piece is "Trespass" because I was able to describe how teens feel like their feelings and emotions are ripped out by people.

Poetry is no longer a task that makes me cringe, though it can still be a hard task. I no longer shy away from writing poems...but actually look forward to it.

I'm kinda starting to like poetry. I didn't like it before, but now I love it. It's difficult though. Poems can let your true colors come out on paper. It is fun.

My view of poetry has changed greatly. I actually like it more now. Poetry has given me different thoughts about writing.

My view of poetry has changed because you can easily turn any piece of writing into a poem. You have endless options. I really like poetry now.

Poetry, although confusing at times, really isn't that hard to write. All you need is a little creativity and something to write about.

When you get started, poetry isn't all that bad.

I have become more grateful for poetry. It has a lot of meaning and can say so much.

I liked the poems I wrote during this unit because I have never said those things out loud or wrote them down. It means a lot to not just let it build up inside me like I normally do.

Before I didn't like poetry...now I like it and actually have respect for it because I learned that sometimes it isn't easy to write.

I want to do more poems now that I know how. I like writing imitation poems [
poems written based off of a poem by someone else] because I can bond with the poet and create more.

I used to think that poetry was hard, but now I know it isn't as difficult as I originally thought.

I like to write poetry now. I can think of some very creative things to write about. I have tried to really slow down and write creatively and make more sense.

By doing poetry my views have tremendously changed. I realize that poetry is a good way to express my mood for that day. Also there are many different ways to put your moods into the poems.

Many teachers are afraid of teaching poetry. They think it is hard to convey something that is subjective and creative. I enjoy it! I love seeing my students learn to appreciate it in a new way. Grading it all...now that is another story...


Brent said...

Your passion about poetry + teaching Ninja skills= kids love and/or have a new appreciate for poetry.

Sharon said...

You must have some sort of magic -maybe you could teach even me to appreciate poetry.

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