my new vacuum

2 weeks ago my life changed forever.

Brent and I bought a vacuum when we first got married. It was a red Dirt Devil and it served us well for a time.

And then, one day in late December, I was vacuuming and then...nothing. It just stopped. It didn't make a weird noise or even smell like it was burning. Just...nothing.

Bummer. Lucky for me I live near my mom. She had recently bought a Dyson. Oh how I had always dreamed of using a Dyson to vacuum. So she lugged it over, and I smiled whilst finishing the vacuuming job. And we continued this back and forth with her new vacuum until this month.

This month I guess I had used her vacuum for too long...and Brent saw how fabulous it was. SO, when I got a 30% off coupon to Kohls off we went. And we bought our very own Dyson.

I have vacuumed approximately 100 times since we bought it. I can't get enough of it. I have never had a vacuum that SUCKS so much! Literally. Here are a few things I just can't get enough of:

1. It has a clear canister which is super easy to remove and empty when the job is finished. I love the clear canister because I can see just how much dirt I've picked up!
2. It has is one of those "ball" vacuums. Which means it turns on a dime! I can easily maneuver corners and get behind chairs etc. Awesome.
3. It just LOOKS COOL.
4. It is light. For a vacuum. I can easily carry it here and there and everywhere!
5. Previous vacuums I have had the pleasure of working with have had hoses and attachments that had a million different pieces and took 15 minutes to attach and get in an operable state. Not my Dyson! The hose is already a part of the vacuum and it is as easy as one two three to use :)
6. Most people don't have carpet in their kitchen, right? [Well, we did but have updated! Thank goodness!] Lucky for me I can still use my vacuum on our laminate floors. I just have to push a bottom and the magic vacuum switches from carpet to hard floors. Beautiful.
7. Did I mention it looks really cool?
8. It doesn't have filters. I mean...it has a filter that I can WASH and use indefinitely!

Besides dusting, vacuuming has been my least favorite part of cleaning. But now...oh NOW... I love it! I seriously have been at school and DAYDREAMED about going home to vacuum! After we purchased it I sent mom a picture. She text me back and said, "My cute grand-vacuum!" It really should be a part of the family.

So now I just need to find something to help me enjoy dusting because I enjoy the rest of the cleaning I have to do!


Sharon said...

My first inclination is to say "GET A LIFE!" but being the proud owner of a Dyson myself (which I won't miss "lugging" to your house....why was that my job???), I will just simply have to agree. I've vacuumed in places I had never vacuumed before! Sheer joy.

Hannah said...

Oh, snap. That is one Fancy vacuum cleaner. It always looks so appealing at the store and on the commercials ... and now you have one! : )

*carrie* said...

I'm sure you know we have a purple Dyson. So great! Eric is the vacuumer (new word!) around here.

Read your article in the English major newsletter. I'm glad you've liked teaching more than I did!

Shane said...

oh my, your post left me cracking up. then, your mom's comment got me rolling again. oh, that carroll family :)

I do wish I lived nearby because I could use a good vacuuming, and I used to know this girl who was AWESOME at it. in fact, I would got months - even a YEAR - without vacuuming, just so I could have her awesome self come do it for me.

oh, yes, that girl..... why, oh why does she live SO FAR FROM ME?!

but seriously, congratulations on your new baby. I'm pretty sure I'm jealous. never been jealous of a cleaning "machine" before - this is new for me. we should sit over coffee and discuss this coveting sin of mine.

:) ok, really seriously now... love you tons and love that you are so excited for a vacuum. it is so you :) and I totally miss it. and totally miss you.

Shane said...

oh, and this is not Shane. neither is that other one.

Micah Wolf said...

I want one

Maisie Hood said...

If there’s a great opportunity being offered or given to you, you should really go for it. That thing is just waiting for you to grab it! :) Well, our vacuum cleaner was also on sale when we bought it. The store was on a year-end sale that time so we really got a great discount! :D

Deidra Schaefer said...

It looks like you suddenly enjoyed cleaning your house because of the vacuum cleaner! Like you, I’m also thankful to have a quality and powerful vacuum cleaner in the house. Thanks to it, I don’t have to do back-breaking sweeping anymore. Happy cleaning to you, Kelsey!