blog invasion/rebuttal

This is Brent. And this is my rebuttal to Part V.

Ring, Ring..."Brent! Phone. It's a giiirrrrl."

This moment was a perfect opportunity for my sister to embarrass me in front of my friends.

"GIRL?! I bet it's Kelsey from Maysville", they taunt as I pick up the phone hiding my interest in Kelsey; the mission trip girl by which all other mission trip girls will be compared. [You see they have been with me on these mission trips when I'm around Kelsey. They know it, I know it, but as guys we play it off. By "it" I mean instead of acting like a cartoon character; jaw dropped, eyes popped; tongue hanging out while we pant...we suppress it and act cool.]

“Hello”, I said with a nonchalant look.

“What does she want?” my friends whisper.

“Shhh. Worlds of fun.”

I’m sure they proceeded to act like “Brent” and “Kelsey” sitting next to each other on a roller coaster.

“Umm, yeah, I have to mow that day.” Making up the only excuse I had; it was the summer and that’s the only agenda I had besides having fun (worlds of fun you might say).

Why an excuse? I couldn’t go and reveal to the world I wanted to go…meaning I liked her…meaning the already awkward conversations with this girl would be even more awkward since we’d both know that I liked her. Besides, she seemed cool with it. She was so outgoing that I’m sure she could call up 5 guys cooler than me to go with her. “Ok, Bye.” The phone conversation ended and I tried continuously to convince my friends that I was too busy for ladies.

While the truth was that I LOVED worlds of fun and being in her company; she’s got such a great personality and she’s a beautiful girl. “Man, she must like you if she wants you go to with her to worlds of fun.”

“No, it was just for a church trip…plus I have a couple of yards I’ve been putting off mowing and really need to get done this weekend.”

I had no idea that it was such a rejection to her…until about a decade later when she blogged about it!

Kelsey we should go to worlds of fun this summer, what do you say?


Aunt Linda said...

That is so sweet. C'mon Kelsey ... go with him to Worlds of Fun this summer. Please?

Ana-Lou said...

:-) PRESH AGAIN (for the Male version!)

Sharon said...

You better go with him, Kels. I think he likes you. :)

Kali said...

See Kels...I told you! You know I'm always right.

Beck said...

I like both versions, can't wait to see what happens next

momiss said...

Good thing she really liked you, Brent. I was hoping to get a better sense of some reason boys have for acting that way. But no, it is still an unfathomable mystery to me. I can almost hear the men silently applauding.
Guess I'll have to stay tuned. lol