Little Bits of Tid: 2nd addition

I was looking at old posts and this title caught my attention: Way back from 2008 so I thought I would go round two!

* As I mentioned the other day, the ladies on my basketball team captured the first District Championship for our school for the first time since 1984. Last night we traveled to a high school in "the big city" for our Sectional game [It was TOO funny to hear the girls as we walked into the school..."WHAT!?! They have FLAT screens in their CAFETERIA!?" "WHAT?! They have a SPIRIT STORE?!" "HOLY COW this LOCKER ROOM is as big as our OLD GYM!!" "There are like a MILLION BATHROOMS in here...with AUTOMATIC SINKS!" You would have thought we lived in the mud. I couldn't help but laugh at their enthusiasm. Our hostess showed us into the locker room and asked me if the girls had brought their own locks... "Umm... No?" Different world for us :)... but I digress]. We played a team that we beat in overtime 2 weeks ago. And as "they" all say, it's tough to beat a good team twice. We came out flat. We missed a lot of shots. We didn't rebound well. And then in the third quarter we hit 4 or 5 threes in a row and were up 5. They came back. With a minute left we got up by one. But just couldn't hold on. It was a tough loss because we didn't play our best, but the girls have absolutely nothing to be ashamed about. After the game I told them to think about last Saturday and what they accomplished there...not last night. Tough loss. Tough to see them so down today at school. But this too shall pass... they just doing think it will.

* Brent bought me a massage for Christmas. I decided then that I would save it and use it after basketball was over. It was one of the first things I thought of as the time expired at the game last night. I'm really looking forward to it.

* The weekend--scratch that: TOMORROW!-- is the alumni tournament here. For those of you that have been under a rock or something, "here" is my Alma mater. MEANING, the alumni tournament is for me. And I am not in great shape, let me tell you. I know I'm not OUT OF SHAPE, but in sprint-up-and-down-the-floor-as-fast-as-you-can shape? I don't think so. Regardless, I am looking forward to play basketball again in a game setting. And better yet, I get to play with girls that I have shared some great memories with. It should be fun. ....... and then I will ice my body until I am blue.

* We had a tornado drill at school today. Weird. I know these things are necessary, but they are strange if you ask me. In what other profession do you pretend to be in such distress and chaos? [Maybe I'm naive. Maybe a lot of professions do this?]

*Caroline had a bird land and poop on her cute bald head yesterday at the zoo. I don't know if Kali is going to blog about it, so I just had to mention it because it is hilarious if you ask me.

* When I set down to write this blog I jotted down a few things I wanted to remember to mention. Apparently I needed to be more descriptive because I have no idea what this one means: shout out whites. Anyone? Any idea?

* I have recently been thinking about putting labels on my blogs. For those of you that don't blog, this is a way to sort and keep track of what you have written about. For example, I could label them "teaching" "family" "travel" or whatever, and if I ever wanted to look back and see what I had written on the subject, or any of you for that matter, you could click on the label. I can't decide if I want to. For those of you that blog and label, would you recommend it? Why?

*I told Brent I would start P90X after the season. Ugh. Monday will come too soon.

*I am like my father in more ways than one, but one major way I am like him is that I get cold sores whenever I am stressed out. I got them this summer when we moved; I get them at the beginning of school years; I got them at the end of softball season; and I have them now. I noticed one starting this week, which was no surprise with the game we were going to play, and on the way home I noticed I now have 5 in my mouth. I don't think I've ever had them this bad. Not fun. Not fun.

* I'm still trying to figure out what "shout out whites" meant. Weird.

Well, I think that is enough tidbits for now. I better start stretching for the game tomorrow.

OHHHHHH...I just figured it out [yes, this is stream of conscious writing at its best: I was supposed to give a "shout out" to my friends "the Whites!" ]

:) Happy 5 year Anniversary tomorrow! [Meagan is writing their story over here and it is hilarious and awesome] We love you guys!


Brent said...

Oh good, I'm glad you figured it out...for a second there I thought you're subconscious was racist.

Brent said...

either that or something to do with laundry.

momiss said...

Having been the recipient of bird poop on the head more than once in this life, I had that exact thought when I heard about the birds in Wal Mart. I hope I didn't jinx her!!
L-Lysine for the cold sores. About 2000 mg a day for 3 or 4 days is what I take. But buy the smaller pills, the big ones are really hard to swallow.

Hannah said...

shout out: I was thinking laundry. I was not right. Glad you remembered.

labels: I label my posts. Kind of irregularly, but now I've found out that I can have them look all cute and such on the side of the page... so now that's why I do it. great reason, huh?

TheStartPhoto said...

oh my, this was too good.

first, I've been meaning to say: I smile when I see all of yours and Brent's comments on the story :) thanks to both of you for being SO SUPER-FANTASTIC! and I laughed when I saw you point out the way I cry... I laughed because you know it to be truth, you've seen me in action! haha!

second, I had no idea where you were going with the shout out whites, but I'm super happy it was for us like that. cause you're the best. :)

Mrs. Sandbulte said...

Tell your sis that according to German tradition (from my great grandma Omi...may she rest) if a bird poops on you, it is good luck. If it poops on your HEAD...well that is even besser! :) (besser is German for better...just pulling out all the stops for you here). Trish