As I mentioned earlier, we are currently in our poetry unit in LA. That means HAIKU! For those of you that don't remember these little gems, they are the "syllable poems." They originated in Japanese culture and follow a syllable pattern of 5-7-5. They focus on creating a story through strong imagery using just 17 syllables.

I am always amused and impressed with what my students are able to accomplish within 3 lines of poetry. Here are a few examples:

Whole world in His hands
created in seven days
seas and milky way

TING! It is flying
over the fence in the field
Crowd roars violently

Darkness covers you
when you sleep so snug at night
Not a bit of light

The mud on the boots
shows that hard work has been done.
It's time to party

Soldiers fall quickly
like the autumn leaves in fall
dancing in the wind

Love shows no mercy
it is not jealous or rude
we shall not hate love

Farming in the fall-
corn gets picked and cows get moved.
Fence gets built. Cows calve.

In a May morning
corn and beans grown with sun, rain
Calves get bigger too

I watched as he moved
across the dance floor of life.
I did not cut in.

A caterpillar
tickles my feet as it crawls
over them slowly

Sakura blossoms
gracefully flutter downwards
swept away by winds

Football cleats running
shoulder pads crunching loudly
one man wrecking crew

Like a butterfly,
Really beautiful at sight
but hard to capture

I'm not creative
so writing haikus is hard
but I'm almost done

Shelves holding old books
full of words for me to read
I love libraries

Life's like a rain storm-
get an umbrella and deal-
or you will get wet

flying in the air
national symbol of all
the eagle flies free

Driving the tractor
going 20 down the road
wanting to get home

Sitting in the stand
waiting on a massive buck
hoping he comes soon

Erasing pencil
writing down your thoughts for all
freedom in writing

Hearing the rumble
Blinding light in the distance
off to the basement

Two different people,
I see two, while you see one,
on the mirrored wall

The wind sways the grass
A narrow stream softly speaks
All is calm for now

It is amazing how different each Haiku is, and it makes me appreciate all the individual thoughts of each of my students.

If you want to comment on this post, I think you should have to do it in a Haiku :) Or should I say:

Commenting on post
should be written in Haiku.
Wouldn't that be fun?


*carrie* said...

Feeling overwhelmed.
I'm sure you don't believe it.
Carrie's first haiku.

(That I remember at least!)

BChambers said...

Like this post the most
Now take some notes
Makes me think
Of a long lost ghost

I like the TING one;)

Lauri said...

Too tired to think,
kindergarten wears me out,
will comment next time.

Brent said...

My favorite was
an “un-creative” poem
that was creative

I also like the
Haiku about the mirror
It’s deep and heavy

Within minutes I
Came up with this post for you
My beautiful wife

Mrs. Sandbulte said...

Your students are blessed
Words...thoughts... falling down like rain
On tender new buds

You go, poetry teacher, you go! :) xoxoxo Trish