Last year I did a year in pictures update sorta thing. I've had the intentions of getting around to doing this again, but then we had snow days and I just couldn't help myself and have been cleaning myself silly. However, today--snow day number 3-- I think just about everything is cleaned in some way or another. I even cleaned my dishwasher and steam cleaned my bathrooms AND cleaned and reorganized my closets. The only thing left on my list is that I really want to organize/update my recipe box. It is a mess.

However, before I really dig in again today, I want to make sure to get this post out there. So here I go..... [some of you don't realize how long these picture posts take, do you?!]

In January we spent New Year's eve with our great friend, Shane and Meagan. For some reason when we are together, we never take pictures though. We knew they would be moving shortly [and little did we know, we would be too], and so hanging out with them became something we put on our weekly agenda. Here is a picture I stole from Meagan's photography blog of them [just for a visual of how awesome they are].I also had a TON of snow days this month, and Brent kept working away at Dick's Sporting Goods.

February rolled around and we did some traveling. We surprised Paige and Torri and showed up to help them/support them with Courtwarming.This is also when we found out Dad won his case, and we threw a little surprise party for him [he was cooking burgers for everyone and STILL didn't realize what was happening :)]
This is also when Brent decided to interview for a job back home.

In March we knew the possibility of leaving Louisville was very real, so we made a couple different trips to visit Kali and Dan and Caroline, and vice versa. And, as many of you know, March means COLLEGE BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP and we thought 2010 for sure meant another championship for our Jayhawks. But if you don't remember, they lost by a point to "some team" from Iowa no one had ever heard of. Disappointing. Luckily Caroline was visiting so we used her to cheer Brent up :)In April we officially knew we would be moving...and things started to get crazy. I spent a lot of time with my coworkers, as we had such a fantastic school year none of us wanted to see it come to an end. Jenn was named Teacher of the Year with only gave us more reasons to celebrate.I also had another fantastic Spring Break, and decided to visit Nashville one last time. Dad was even there visiting and we had a great time.
In May packing became the theme of my life...at homeat school... No fun.I also survived 8th grade graduation/the lastday of school/ saying goodbye to people. Awful.Then I cut my hair...because I'm CRAZY.And then we left Louisville, moved into our new house, and June and July ran together because all I was doing was painting. I've already posted pics of some of the remodels.
And I had two of my favorite friends come to visit me during this stressful time-- both of which were totally okay with the fact that the bathroom door wasn't even hanging up because we were repainting it.

Renae was about 4 months pregnant at the time...but still full of the crazy girl I shared a living space with in college.And Jenny and I had planned a trip to Oceans of Fun in February, and made sure that it happened. This picture was taking after nearly 7 hours at the water park. Fantastic.
We also took a weekend to go visit Beth, Eli, and Henry!
August rolled around and so did school and coaching softball.
In September we got to celebrate Caroline's first birthday at our house.
In October Torri was on the homecoming court.And we finally got to visit Brent's brother Scot and his wife, Rian, who moved to Oklahoma.
In November we celebrated Thanksgiving...and 9 of us on Brent's side of the family got the stomach flu. Awful. And so Brent spent his birthday in the bathroom. Yuck.
In December... well, December just happened and you can read about it here and here and here:)

Whew. That took way too long. Enjoy!


Kali said...

Love this! I might just steal your idea. As you can tell, I need some inspiration. Also, I've been working on blogger all day and it's been driving me C-R-A-Z-Y. Not sure what's going on, but maybe some day it will publish my new post, too.

Sharon said...

Wow. When you see it all in one place like that it really was a crazy year for you guys. Just so you know, a highlight of 2010 for me was you guys moving back. Love it!

Micah Wolf said...

great blog. but speaking of pics...why didn't we take any at christmas?

Let me know when your life calms down and I'll schedule a trip home.

the start photo said...

um, SO SAD we didn't celebrate this new year's together. :(
however, in just a few days, we will be living 13 hours closer to you than we do now. AND WE WILL BE VISITING :)